How CEVA Logistics and project44 are Partnering to Improve Visibility and Connectivity

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with supply chain management firm CEVA Logistics. project44 will be providing CEVA with real-time visibility for its ground and rail operation. Our strategic alliance will enable CEVA to gain visibility across several aspects of its operation such as its domestic distribution networks, cross-border movements, multi-modal solutions, and over different environments – B2B inbound, manufacturing, and B2C home deliveries.

Connective Tissue

project44 enhances the relationship between logistics forwarders and their customers by phasing out traditional inefficiencies embedded within logistics operations through a combination of process automation, supply chain visibility, and actionable intelligence.

Despite the advances in supply chain technology, there is still an enormous amount of paper processing within the industry. Insufficient access to quality data results in waste, headaches, and inefficiencies, as companies are forced to react to issues rather than proactively managing them.

project44 solves that problem by providing connective tissue between the disparate systems of shippers, third-party logistics companies (3PLs), and carriers in order to create information symmetry. In doing so, project44 creates an environment that allows all parties to easily communicate and collaborate.

The Advantages of an Already Built Platform

For CEVA, creating a better experience for its customers was primarily about connectivity. While CEVA already has a set of visibility solutions like driver apps, global positioning system (GPS) devices, and web portals, the company struggled to provide tangible ways for integrating those services with customers or third-party systems. Recognizing that its data situation had become cumbersome, CEVA worked with project44 to solve the integration issues. Since fixing the problem in-house would have been both time-consuming and expensive, CEVA opted instead to use project44. By joining project44’s platform, CEVA gains access to shipment visibility data from carrier partners, which can be used to improve track and trace coverage.

While gaining access to the visibility data is critical, CEVA also saw the need to coalesce all the data coming from thousands of shippers, 3PLs, and carriers to then leverage all that data for intelligence. project44’s business intelligence capabilities allow CEVA to comb through complex transport-related big-data sets, providing the intelligence for optimization of its operations.

With its extensive network, maintaining data quality and connectivity made it difficult for CEVA to drive data standardization. “Our commitment to seamless, responsive logistics demands a high-level of data integrity and connectivity,” said Xavier Bour, the global head of ground for CEVA. “We believe project44 has the leading capabilities and network to create the visibility needed for a better supply chain.”

project44’s Customer Service Advantage

By collaborating with project44, CEVA will be in a stronger position to service its customers with the information they need to manage their supply chains. Having end-to-end visibility into stakeholder activities will ultimately help CEVA combat supply chain volatility and keep its customers better informed so they can take corrective action and have the insights to run more resilient operations.