Our New Report Identifies Ocean Shipping Bottlenecks

  Port intel Report

Do you know whether your ocean shipment will reach the port on time as scheduled?

Unfortunately, plenty of ocean shippers still can’t answer that question.

That’s not surprising given the problems with maritime shipping these days. The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the flow of ocean shipments across the world, impacting global supply chains.

Clogged Ports Disrupt Global Supply Chain Flows

Port throughput for loading and unloading cargo has become severely constricted as the labor force of dock workers and truck drivers across the globe are stricken sick with the Covid virus or forced to limit their work hours due to lockdowns and government regulation. 

At the same time that port labor has been limited for handling ocean freight, pandemic-induced buying has resulted in a surge of imports. As a result of this double whammy, ocean gateways are clogged in the global supply chain. Unable to unload their cargo, ships sit at anchor offshore. Containers wait untouched at the port terminals for days.

As ocean carriers scramble to deal with the fallout from port congestions, they shift containers to different vessels, reschedule port calls, and even cancel sailings. Under the current circumstances ocean shippers can’t be confident that steamship lines will keep their delivery commitments.

Port capacity restraints and unreliable sailing schedules have stretched the lead times for global supply chains, impacting production schedules and distribution. Ocean shippers are left scrambling for what to do.

New Port Intel Service Provides Bottleneck Details

We at project44 are here to help. We are now offering a way for global shippers to get information on their ocean cargo whereabouts with our free port visibility reporting service, Port Intel. By using our reports, ocean shippers can use the information for risk mitigation, pro-active planning, and making adjustments to their distribution and production schedules.

Free for a limited time, Port Intel is an online service that provides subscribers with reports that summarize port congestion, informs them when their containers are anchored near congested ports, and helps them make critical inventory and management decisions.

Powered by Ocean Insights

Port Intel is developed by Ocean Insights from project44. Ocean Insights offers track and trace functionality across more than 55 shipping lines, 700 seaports, and more than 5,000 vessels, processing more than five million sailing schedule changes each day.

Users can access the report by visiting the Port Intel site and entering the vessel identifiers, bill of lading numbers, or ocean container numbers. Using these details, Port Intel generates customized updates that include projected time out and port dwell times. The reports are curated by project44’s visibility experts to provide recommendations that integrate real-time data with proven shipping strategies.

For your free report, visit our Port Intel page.