Project 44, project44 and Why You Should Join the Bone Marrow Registry

It can be alarming to notice that your company is trending on social media. This past weekend, we were watching the Elite Eight round of March Madness, and emails and texts started flying around the company. “Why are we trending? Do you know what’s going on?” quickly turned into “Are we affiliated with this other project44?”

We look at Twitter, and sure enough, #project44 is trending. Once we calmed down and realized it had nothing to do with our logistics technology company and its visibility solutions, we did some research and found out that it was actually Project 44 that was trending, not project44 (see the difference?)

Project 44 (once again, not to be confused with project44) is a charity started by Butler University, whose mission is, “Saving lives by fostering a mainstream sense of moral obligation and willingness to support and join the bone marrow registry.” The charity was created in honor of the late Andrew Smith, a former Butler basketball star, who was a recipient of a much needed bone marrow transplant in 2015.

There is a 1:430 ratio of bone marrow registrants to matches, meaning that 18,920 new registry members are needed. It can be unfortunately difficult to find a bone marrow match, so they need as much diversity as possible among registrants. It’s an important issue that deserves more awareness.

We’re proud to share a name with such an incredible cause. We’ve decided to donate to Project 44, and we would like to encourage you to do the same, as well as to join the bone marrow registry. You could save lives.