project44 and GateHouse Logistics Partner to Deliver Global Supply Chain Visibility

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with GateHouse Logistics in order to help our respective customers accurately see and proactively respond to all events in their supply chains! This exclusive, first if its kind, and multinational partnership delivers comprehensive transportation visibility across Europe and North America and greatly increases the ability of both companies to provide outstanding customer experiences.

A Powerful, Global Supply Chain Visibility Network

Achieving global supply chain visibility is a top industry priority. In the past, logistics technology providers have attempted to expand to new geographies and build logistics networks from scratch, only to realize that it is a herculean task. project44 and GateHouse have spent years building extensive networks on their own respective continents—partnering to share access to those networks instantly provides customers with the best of both worlds. With this partnership, both companies now have access to 175,000 carriers including 90,000 carriers in North America and 85,000 carriers in Europe.


Why did we partner with GateHouse?

First and foremost, GateHouse shares our core promise of delivering advanced visibility solutions for all transportation modes across all geographies and this partnership instantly provides our customers with access to their extensive network of European transportation data. Customers can now accelerate the speed at which they can successfully realize ROI by working with a single visibility provider for all shipments regardless of geographic location, and ensure that their information is GDPR compliant.

“project44 and GateHouse Logistics have been championing the importance of high fidelity data for years,” states GateHouse Logistics CEO Jesper Bennike. “This collaboration aligns with both companies’ core promise to deliver the most comprehensive global visibility engine powered only by secure, high-quality and real-time information.”

About GateHouse Logistics A/S

GateHouse Logistics is the brand owner of ghTrack, a completely neutral and independent cloud-based data sharing service that is leading the way business-critical data is securely shared across the entire supply chain. It is also the perfect foundation for emerging smart industries including IoT developments. ghTrack brings long-wanted, real-time end-to-end visibility to all stakeholders in the supply chain. It aggregates position and sensor data from all modes of transportation and presents them as one unified and logical data stream for simple integration into any business system. ghTrack is Europe’s most widely used and secure data sharing service and is fully GDPR compliant. Visit

Gartner ranks visibility as the number one global supply chain initiative. Learn how this collaboration provides you with even more comprehensive visibility into your key North American and European transportation processes.