project44’s Latest LTL Updates: Announcements, Carrier Spotlights, and New APIs

What’s new in the LTL world? project44 is making it easy to stay up to date with the latest news, launches, industry best practices and more.

In this blog, we break down project44’s LTL API advancements, spotlight carriers you need to know, and provide a breakdown of all the new and updated LTL APIs from our carrier partners. Scroll on to keep reading.

The Real Value of EBOL

Due to its ability to lower carrier operations costs in a high inflation economy, Electronic Bills of Lading (EBOL) have become a top priority in the LTL market. project44 connects via EBOL to more than 20 of the top 30 carriers with more additions on the way. To learn more about EBOL and the new standards set by the LTL Digital Council, check out our blog.

LTL Carrier Spotlight

AAA Cooper and Midwest Motor Express

Congratulations to AAA Cooper on their latest technology expansion! In late 2022, AAA Cooper teamed up with Midwest Motor Express. You can read AAA Cooper’s announcement here.

See AAA Cooper’s service area.

Updated Averitt Pickup API

The latest Averitt Pickup Request API updates allow the shipper’s account number to be passed through along with shipment data for easier processing by Averitt and easier management by project44.

See Averitt’s service area.

New Rating and Tracking API with Panama Transfer

Panama Transfer is now part of the project44 network. This new connection supports both LTL Rating and LTL Tracking within project44 and represents an opportunity for our LTL customers to expand their capacity providers.

See Panama Express’ service area.

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New & Updated LTL APIs

Carrier: Old Dominion Freight Lines
New API: EBOL, Tracking

Carrier: Averitt
New API: Rating, Dispatch (Pickup), Tracking

Carrier: R & L Carriers
New API: Rating (in-testing), Dispatch (Pickup), and EBOL

Carrier: Pitt Ohio
API Update: Rating and Dispatch (Pickup); FastTrac – Expedite Service

Carrier: Estes
New API: Dispatch (Pickup), EBOL and Tracking

Carrier: Southeastern Freight Lines
API Update: Rating (Density Pricing)

Carrier: Magnum
New API Release: Rating and Dispatch (Pickup)

Carrier: Panama Transfer
New API Release: Rating and Tracking

Carrier: A Duie Pyle

Capacity Provider: EFW
New API: Rating, Dispatch (Pickup), and Tracking; Get It There Faster

Carrier: Central Transport
New API: Tracking

Carrier: Oak Harbor Freight Lines
New Update: Rating (expanded service areas)

Carrier: Mainfreight USA
New API: Tracking, Imaging and Rating

Carrier: DHL Freight
New Update: Tracking

Carrier: Dohrn Transfer
New Update: Dispatch (Pickup)

Carrier: Forward Air
New API: Dispatch (Pickup) and Tracking (airport codes)

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