project44’s Volume LTL Solutions Bring Crucial Efficiency

If you’re shipping loads between 12 and 53 linear feet and you’re not taking advantage of Volume LTL shipping, you’re costing your company money. Volume LTL is becoming more popular thanks to current market conditions. The rise of eCommerce retail has made irregular shipping volumes more common, and the growing pains associated with the ELD mandate mean capacity is harder to come by and rates are starting to increase. We’re at the point where efficiency is absolutely crucial to success, and Volume LTL provides some of that much needed efficiency, especially when you use project44 to manage the shipment workflow.

What is Volume LTL?

Volume LTL (also known as Partial Truckload) is used by Shippers and 3PLs for shipments larger than LTL (12 linear feet, 6 pallets), but smaller than TL (53 linear feet, 30 pallets). The exact measurements of a Volume LTL shipment can vary depending on the carrier, but that flexibility is part of what makes it such a useful mode. A simple rule of thumb: if a shipment is going to take up 20% or more of a trailer, Volume LTL is probably the way to go.

How project44 Perfects Volume LTL

When Volume LTL first became an established mode of shipping, the only ways to secure pricing were manual—call, email, load boards, etc. It can be hard to predict availability, since it relies on the availability of TL and LTL capacity. Many companies also have a hard time calculating their linear footage. These issues contribute to a general confusion around how to ensure the best rates for Volume LTL.

project44 solves that problem using the power of dynamic data:

  • Thanks to the wide array of transport options already connected to p44’s network, if you’re in between LTL and TL it’s easy to check what your Volume LTL rate will be
  • Our integrations provide instant access to real-time spot quotes—no need to call or email anyone to search for the best rates
  • We calculate the linear footage for you, no more overestimating the space your shipment will take and overspending as a result
  • Our Volume Visualizer shows you the most efficient way to package your shipment to ensure it matches the rate you were given

p44’s Volume Visualizer delivers accurate ratings without human intervention

project44 sends a request to a third-party service whose exclusive function is calculating total linear footage, We then use an algorithm to look at line item information, like dimensions, weight, and type, to return a total linear footage calculation. This results in more accurate and useful ratings in a more efficient time frame, without human intervention.

As the landscape of shipping continues to change, the technology we use must evolve to create efficiencies wherever it can. That’s been our goal since day one, and Volume LTL is an important component of that.