The Next Era of Supply Chain Visibility: Unified. Multimodal. Global.

Even before the recent pandemic altered lives around the globe, the supply chain was heading toward an evolution. While recent disruptions have caused unforeseen and new challenges for global shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs), existing gaps, friction, and inefficiencies are being uncovered.

One critical gap businesses are seeing is the need for end-to-end visibility across their global supply chain. A lack of predictive transportation insights is causing wasted costs and efforts as well as issues throughout the supply chain.

As shippers and LSPs strive to close these gaps and get ahold of the valuable data and business intelligence that will allow them to increase agility, project44 is expanding capabilities to provide a single, seamless solution across the supply chain.

The Time for Fully Unified Supply Chain Visibility Is Now

Recent market conditions have put a strain on supply chains, and many are realizing that they need a digitalized approach to build a resilient strategy.

A recent Gartner report, Key Considerations for Supply Chain Leaders Evaluating Transportation Management Systems, explained, “The recent disruptions have created a lot of flux in the transportation industry. All the challenges and inefficiencies that have been highlighted during the pandemic have only served to showcase the importance of technology in transportation. In a recent survey by Shipping and Freight Resource, 67.6% of participants indicated that they will invest in technology. Supply chain organizations that had already made the investment in foundational transportation technologies have been in a better position to manage the recent challenges.”

Supply chains are facing challenges that have significant cost and speed implications, and it’s becoming more critical for businesses to have a comprehensive view across their global transportation activities — across all modes and geographies. Because the real-time transportation visibility market is less than a decade old, there was a strong demand for a solution that can offer the range, depth, and quality of data need across a shipper’s end-to-end supply chain.

With the most extensive multimodal global network across more than 48 countries, project44 is launching air visibility, introducing groupage in Europe, and expanding ocean coverage. These capabilities will allow shippers and LSPs to leverage an end-to-end supply chain visibility platform.

Enhancing Transportation Visibility with More Detailed End-to-End Supply Chain Data

To deliver a single pane view across the end-to-end transportation lifecycle, project44 is adding more ways for supply chains to gain a deeper understanding of their shipments and derive business insights from high-fidelity data across modes.

Delivering Air Freight Visibility

With the addition of air freight visibility, project44 is rounding out a complete suite of modes. Because global shippers rely heavily on air freight to transport high-value cargo, they need the ability to gain dynamic in-flight ETA and geo location updates. Through built-in connections with more than 100 air freight carriers around the world, shippers can track high-value freight from take-off to landing.

Introducing Groupage in Europe

As the truckload visibility provider in Europe, project44 is expanding over-the-road visibility to offer groupage coverage. Using our established LTL expertise, project44 will continue to build API connections with groupage carriers in Europe, accelerating time to value for customers.

Expanding Ocean Coverage Globally

project44 is expanding ocean visibility to track ocean freight around the globe — no matter the port of origin or destination. Because ocean shipments are an intermediary mode for most global shippers, visibility across vessels and ports is critical to gain a connected view into transportation activities.

These capabilities are a major step in the advanced visibility evolution. project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform offers high-fidelity visibility insights and predictive intelligence in one seamless experience, enabling leading global shippers and logistics service providers to increase operational efficiency as they prepare for a rapidly evolving future.

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