Velocity 2024

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Elevate Your Supply Chain Strategy

Gain insights from project44 customers pioneering solutions to complex supply chain challenges.


Stay Ahead with Product Updates

Discover new features and enhancements to boost your supply chain’s speed and resilience.


Optimize Your Investments

Maximize your investment by exploring value realization, knowledge sharing, and best practices.


Build Strategic Connections

Network with supply chain leaders, the project44 team, and key industry players driving excellence. 

Agenda: Hamburg

8:30 Registration and Networking Breakfast
9:30 Welcome
project44’s CEO, Jett McCandless, brings an update on what drives project44 to push for the High-Velocity supply chain.
-Jett McCandless, Chief Executive Officer, project44
9:45 Industry Leader Keynote
10:15 Product Innovation
Discover the product roadmap and dive into the latest updates that will bring even more value to your supply chain.
– AJ Wilhoit, Chief Product Officer, project44
10:45 Morning Break
11:00 Voice of the Customer
Current customers join the panel to discuss their current use cases, best practices, and what the future holds for their High-Velocity supply chains.
12:00 Partner Innovation Session
12:15 Networking Lunch and Product Meetings
13:45 Value Realization
project44 shares their 5 value pillars and how to realize success.
-Mads Porsborg, Director, Solutions and Value Engineering EMEA
14:30 Partner Innovation Session
14:45 Afternoon Break
15:00 Empowering Customer Insights Panel
Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility for Next-Level Service, discover how are customers are thriving.
16:00 Partner Innovation Session
16:15 Obsess Over the Customer
project44 closes the conference and shares why our customers are our number one priority.
– Tom Broome, VP, Customer Success – EMEA & APAC, project44
16:30 Networking Reception: Join us from 16:30-18:00pm to close out an amazing day of knowledge sharing and connections made.
Agenda is printed in local CEST time zone and is updated frequently so check-in for updates.


Jett McCandless, Founder & CEO

Jett McCandless

Founder & CEO

AJ Wilhoit, Chief Product Officer

AJ Wilhoit

Chief Product Officer


Eric Fullerton

Sr. Director, Product Marketing


Mads Porsborg

Sr. Manager, Customer Success


Tom Broome

VP, Customer Success EMEA



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Sachsenstraße 20
20097 Hamburg, Germany


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