Supply Chain Visibility for Carriers

Helping Carriers Keep Customers Updated

Join thousands of carriers worldwide using project44 to share shipment location information with customers securely and easily — all for free. Our solution allows carriers hauling freight on any mode to automatically share tracking updates and predictive ETAs, enabling your customers to improve exception management and efficiency.

project44 for All Modes

Connect to Your Customers

project44 provides shippers and logistics service providers with visibility across modes and geographies. Select the mode you cover to find out why you should join the network and how to get started.

project44 is a transportation visibility provider — not a broker or a load board — meaning we help you share shipment location information with mutual customers in real-time, providing customers with the information they need to plan ahead and allowing drivers to spend more time on the road. Join the network for free to start connecting to your customers.

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Win More Business and Spend More Time on the Road

  • Eliminate check calls
  • Reduce dwell times by enabling receiving docks to optimize scheduling
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Win new business, better rates, or preferred lanes

Eliminate the Need for More Technology or Connections

  • Remove the need for costly EDI connections with a one-to-many connection for all of your shipper and broker customers
  • Use existing ELD/GPS hardware to turn compliance devices into value-adds for your business
Improve Customer Service

Visibility Operations Center

Carriers can access project44’s Visibility Operations Center® (VOC) to monitor shipments with mutual shipper and broker customers. 

The VOC allows you to gain the same shipment update information as your customers, use analytics tools to see how you’re performing, and help handle exceptions or fix any tracking errors to improve the customer experience.

Global Preferred Carriers

project44’s Preferred Carriers program helps shippers find over the road carriers around the world that have embraced shipment visibility and offer an enhanced visibility experience.

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