Supply Chain Visibility for Shippers

Increase Agility with Advanced Visibility

Make more effective decisions under pressure with access to high-fidelity transportation data and predictive insights across every step of your global supply chain.

Increase Efficiency

Meet expectations at the lowest possible cost – ensuring products are available when your customers need them while maximizing throughput, minimizing production downtime, and reducing inventory levels.​

Improve Inventory Management

Make smarter decisions about inventory management, planning and exception handling using tracking based on purchase order, line item or SKU. These insights let you free up cash while streamlining operations.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Eliminate costly manual processes. Avoid late fees and penalties when you act on predictive ETAs and configurable alerts that let your team know if you're at risk of excessive dwell times or missed dock appointments.

Global Connectivity

Gain Control Over Your Supply Chain

In uncertain times, it’s essential to adjust plans and manage your end-to-end supply chain with both precision and flexibility. Here’s how project44 will digitalize your end to end supply chain to increase your optionailty and agility.

Ocean, Port and Terminal

Real-Time Delivery Estimates

Get real-time ETA updates based on weather, location, routing history and vessel speed. Our solution combines vessel data with port conditions – such as congestion – to produce a comprehensive visibility picture.

Improved Visibility

Improve customer service by providing shipment visibility to your stakeholders downstream, reduce inventory risk, decrease driver dwell time at ports and eliminate unnecessary fines.

The Advanced Visibility Platform™

Core Application Capabilities

Predictive Tracking and ETAs

Continuously track shipments, purchase orders, line items or SKUs to improve inventory management, resulting in more reliable, predictable deliveries.

Single Source of Truth

Grant universal access to transportation data and delivery ETAs by making project44 the single source of truth for your global supply chain.

Customizable Dashboards

Strengthen planning, reduce dwell times and eliminate fines by proactively managing lanes, in-transit shipments and events with custom dashboards and reports.

Frictionless Carrier Onboarding

Leverage the industry's only fully automated, transparent and secure method for onboarding over-the-road carriers to realize the ROI of your visibility investment sooner.

Streamlined Collaboration

Share shipment status details internally and externally. Configure alert notifications via email, text or push notification to ensure all stakeholders are notified.

Secure Data Flow and Privacy

Manage complex data sharing relationships with thousands of carriers across the globe, all while promoting trust between parties via the only GDPR compliant platform.

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Easy Implementation with Help at Every Step

Our dedicated team of supply chain visibility experts are eager to help you implement project44 and get your carriers onboarded quickly.

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