Slash facility costs and power up your yard operations

Simplify gate, dock, and yard processes for a smoother workflow

Simplify gate, dock, and yard processes for a smoother workflow

Match trailers to dock doors and trailers to parking spots with system-generated task automation. Use predefined configurations to automate and optimize your trailer processes.

Speed up gate operations with automated throughput

Speed up gate operations with automated throughput

Automate gate arrivals and departures and decrease trailer wait times up to 50%. With improved gate throughput and productivity your team can focus their manual time and effort on more important work.

Power your workflow with next-gen GPS location and tracking devices

Effectively manage yard checks with accurate RFID location tracking. Enable automatic arrival of dedicated trailers, conduct swift lot inspections, and resolve any location discrepancies in real time by utilizing GPS location data.

Manage your facility ops like a pro

All your facilities in one place with a centralized map view

Our dynamic map builder gives you a stable, comprehensive view of your facilities and assets. Easily locate and set geofencing parameters to optimize parking zones and maximize space utilization.

Associate orders to incoming and outgoing shipments, with detailed visibility down to the SKU-level. Know exactly what’s in each shipment even within individual trucks and containers, to improve real-time planning and execution.

Future-proof your yard management with RFID-powered yard asset tracking and automated trailer arrival, eradicating trailer location discrepancies and transforming operations.

Movement Facilities

Yard Automation in Movement


Parking spot automation

Improve in-yard efficiency with automated parking spot management. Parking spot rules can be configured by our system to organize the yard and make spotter drivers more efficient.

Parking spot automation

Real-time location systems (IoT)

Capture asset location and temperature with ease. Using IoT, get real-time visibility and monitor ongoing status to trailers, validate equipment location and even perform drive by inventory checks within the facility.

Real time location systems and IoT

Wave load planning and coordination

Streamline order fulfillment with better visibility and control. Group orders and sequence them efficiently with built-in sequencing to improve dock and fulfillment coordination. 

Wave Load Planning and Coordination

Appointment Management

Proactively re-assign dock space to lessen wait and load times with accurate, integrated multimodal ETAs to increase shipment velocity at the yard. 

Yard Management

Eliminate manual processes from the yard entirely with project44’s real-time data and workflow automation, and unified supply chain processes that streamline pre-arrival, gate, dock, and yard stages. 

Full Truckload

Leverage project44’s extensive network of over 3 million trucks spanning 170+ countries to gain real-time insights into your FTL, LTL, and parcel shipments. 

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