Document management

Unify thousands of documents. Centralize your supply chain data.  

Digitize, store, and share all your supply chain documents in Movement. Embrace a new era of document management efficiency and enable more seamless collaboration across your teams.

Manage, retrieve, and collaborate with ease

Manage, retrieve, and collaborate with ease

Eliminate the hassle of searching and tracking down files by uploading and organizing all your shipment-related documents in a single, centralized repository in Movement, streamlining your supply chain document management.

Eliminate document-related payment delays

With faster and centralized document management, your team can ensure payments are made on time for services rendered.

Seamless collaboration

Seamless, real-time collaboration with suppliers and carriers

Minimize communication touchpoints and enhance efficiency between you, suppliers, and carriers with pickup document digitization. From Bills of Lading to Commercial Invoices, simplify collaboration across the supply chain.

Streamline your operations with Document Management

Stay steps ahead of disruptions with upstream visibility

Gain upstream pickup visibility without having to pick up the phone or wait for carriers to type in pickup milestones when documents are digitally transferred via API.

Link documents to orders from the pre-shipment stage, knowing they’ll remain connected throughout the shipment lifecycle. Use our powerful search capabilities to quickly find relevant identifiers or shipment details when you need them.

Make discussions faster across your supply chain. Flag shipments needing more information from carriers and share them in Movement for quick resolution.

Rating & Booking

Manage pre-transit tasks effortlessly with Rating and Booking. Get instant rates from carriers, benchmark their performance against market rates, and select the best route for your shipment. 

Full Truckload

Leverage project44’s extensive network of over 3 million trucks spanning 170+ countries to gain real-time insights into your FTL, LTL, and parcel shipments. 

Stay on track with accurate ETAs and proactive alerts that focus teams on shipments that matter most. Get ahead with sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain. 

Start your high-velocity supply chain journey today