Manage Disruption With Port Intel™

Port Intel delivers global, accurate, real-time intelligence on port and vessel activity so supply chain professionals can plan proactively, respond to exceptions, and meet customer expectations.

Every Port. One Dashboard.

From everyday exceptions, to black swan events, we’ve got you covered.

Global View of Port Activity

Gain real-time insights to port, terminal, and vessel activity. Use macro global views to understand regions of risk and changes in congestion for any lane and any port, globally.

Real-Time and Interactive

Stay informed for any port of interest with an interactive web application. Gain real-time insights on container import and export dwell, vessel anchor and berthing dwell, vessel counts, congestion, and more.

Port Data Where You Need It, When You Need It

Get the latest information on global ports via API for integration with your TMS, ERP, Planning, or system of record.

This is just a glimpse of what Port Intel can do.

Test Drive Port Intel™

Search for any port in the world to check berthing, dwell times, and more in real time.

Recognized Leader

Empowering agile teams.

Explore alternative ports for routing ocean freight to avoid congestion and account for port congestion when forecasting inventory and shipment arrivals.

With data-based decision making.

We obsess over data and track 96% of the world’s containerized freight–including container import and export dwell, vessel anchor and berthing dwell, vessel counts, congestion–and we’re just getting started.

For quantifiable outcomes in real time.

Monitor, forecast, and anticipate downstream impact for transparent stakeholder communication and improved customer experience.

Real time data, powered by end-to-end intelligence, so you can make better decisions, faster.