project44 Achieves Groundbreaking Level of Connectivity with 1000+ Freight APIs

Enterprise SaaS provider will leverage LTL proof of concept to expand into deeper global supply chain solutions

CHICAGO, June 28, 2016 – Launched in 2014, project44, a Chicago-based enterprise SaaS integration platform, has quickly become the industry standard for providing intelligent web-service APIs (Application Program Interfaces) to the supply chain. The fast-growing technology company remedies connectivity issues that have plagued the industry for decades by helping retailers, ecommerce companies, suppliers and third party logistics providers (3PLs) communicate real-time shipping data with their transportation providers through a synchronous network of APIs. Today, project44 announces a groundbreaking milestone by integrating over 1,000 transportation APIs into their platformed network.

Since 2014, project44 has maintained critical mass in the $37B Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) sector with 99.9% of the LTL carriers connected into their platform. This level of API depth is unprecedented in the LTL market, enabling a new level of real-time connectivity and proactive transportation management while reducing the need for manual back-and-forth communications, saving all parties time and money.

“When it comes to industries using APIs, logistics is not leading the pack. Even the U.S. government has mandated widespread API use since 2013 to enhance efficiency, facilitate the sharing of information and fuel growth,” said Jett McCandless, CEO and Co-Founder of project44. “Transportation is about managing networks – both asset and data-based – and APIs are the building blocks and digital glue that enable a more productive, effective network. It’s essential that we continue to advance how we leverage web service APIs to empower today’s shippers, logistics providers and transportation carriers to deliver their best business performance.”

As demonstrated by their growth rate and level of repeat customer satisfaction, project44 has emerged as the industry leader in providing best-in-class supply chain visibility and connectivity. The platform currently facilitates about 2.1M instant API transactions per day. With this LTL proof of concept in place, the enterprise SaaS provider plans to expand into new transportation modes, most importantly Truckload and Intermodal, address additional data “black holes” plaguing the global supply chain, and integrate more environmental ecosystem APIs, like weather and traffic.

By growing the depth of their supply chain solutions, project44 will eliminate the need for unnecessarily cumbersome and expensive legacy systems at a scale unmatched by other API providers. Those connected to the API platform will be able to further increase efficiency and productivity, lower cost, get products to market faster, reduce inventory, limit customer churn and quickly adapt to changing requirements.