project44 Expands Market Leadership Across Latin America

  • Building on strong commercial adoption from leading global shippers in the region, project44 will double the size of its workforce in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile to over 130 team members in 2022
  • Pierre Jacquin joins project44 as General Manager in Latin America, bringing to the team deep expertise in logistics innovation and extensive regional knowledge at a crucial time for the industry as it faces serious disruption to the supply chain

CHICAGO – NOVEMBER 10, 2021 – Today, in response to the severe disruptions to the logistics and supply chain operations stretching from China and the US to Latin America, project44, the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility, is expanding further in Latin America. The company offers shippers, exporters, importers and logistics experts greater visibility to better navigate the painful bottlenecks clogging up the transport system.

Fresh from raising USD$202m in its series E funding round, the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility, project44, today outlined its planned growth in Latin America (LatAm) as the company scales its best-in-class, over-the-road network coverage and diverse workforce in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile.

Following closely on its announced expansion in China, project44’s growth in LatAm provides the region’s shippers, exporters, importers and logistics experts with the end-to-end transportation visibility they need to implement agile and resilient supply chain models, with the local support needed to help them to navigate their way through the severe problems being faced throughout the supply chain and to capitalize on the opportunities for growth.

Latin America has faced dramatic supply chain challenges in the past year. A surge in demand from the post-pandemic US market has met rising container rates and port congestion. At the same time LatAm is experiencing growing import/export demand from Asia, which itself is experiencing multifaceted supply chain challenges. This complicated matrix of issues is compounded by soaring online retail demands in LatAm’s domestic consumer market, applying significant pressure to its already-challenged and often immature truck-transportation infrastructure.

“While this increased demand could be seen as a windfall for LatAm organizations, many are still lacking end-to-end visibility across the supply chain,” says Jett McCandless, CEO, and founder of project44. “This leaves businesses unable to effectively respond to a myriad of interconnected local and global transportation issues. As the fastest growing SaaS platform for real-time, end-to-end transportation visibility our pre-eminent network already connects truckload carriers on every continent and nearly all containerized ocean freight moving between them. Our expansion in LatAm is a natural progression of our international footprint, as we serve global leaders at both international and local levels.”

Rapid Regional Growth and Team Expansion

project44’s success in serving leading shipper, carrier and third-party logistics organizations across LatAm is already proven. With an expert team firmly established in Colombia, project44’s platform will deliver agile resilience and responsive innovation for LatAm customers including CEVA Logistics, CMPC, CNHi and Arauco.

Building on its early market lead, project44 will more than double its dedicated LatAm team to around 130 strong by the end of 2022. An expansive hiring program is currently underway for its hubs in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, Mexico covering roles across functions including customer success and support, implementation, carrier onboarding, sales, and marketing.

project44 also welcomed Pierre Jacquin as General Manager in Latin America. Bringing a wealth of logistics experience in the LatAm region, Jacquin was formerly Chief Growth Officer at Intelipost where he led the transformation of its customers’ omnichannel operations. With expertise in logistics innovation and ecommerce across wholesale, retail, and CPG, Jacquin is an influential voice in the industry, recognized for his innovative approach to navigating the region’s numerous supply chain challenges through digital solutions.

On joining project44 Jacquin commented, “LatAm is a market with a lot of challenges, not least due to a lack of infrastructure, its sheer size and the risks associated with this kind of operating environment. Having been greatly affected by COVID, at an economic level this has seen digitalization across the region accelerate and today, the organizations that have embraced this acceleration will drive the recovery and future growth of LatAm’s global economy. I am excited to be part of a remarkable team focused on fulfilling project44’s mission to deliver global end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. Having gained huge momentum across Europe and Asia this year, we will now echo this success in LatAm, delivering what the market needs to thrive in this most-challenging of times.”

Broad Industry and Customer Endorsement

Constanza Arjona, Supply Chain Director at CMPC echoes this position, sharing, “The global pandemic has changed the market and placed significant strain across supply chain activities. By working with project44 we have been able to put the customer experience at the center of our supply chain strategy. We are on the way to having more integrated communication flows with our customers, and by sharing timely information we can take corrective actions, or proactively develop alternative solutions.”

“Latin America is a key growth market for CEVA Logistics, and our customers expect us to deliver responsive logistics solutions in a volatile global environment. Visibility plays a central role in our solutions, especially for our ground transport operations”, said Nadia Ribeiro, managing director for Latin America, CEVA Logistics. “Our continued partnership with project44 will give us the capabilities to deliver enhanced visibility for our customers—in Latin America and around the world.”