project44 Expands Network Onboarding Capabilities to Enable Best-In-Class Operational Efficiency for Shippers, Logistics Service Providers and Carriers

Combined with training and formal certification, new Network Management Center™ functionality delivers deeper levels of connectivity and automation

CHICAGO–project44, the global leader in advanced visibility for shippers and logistics service providers, today announced enhancements to their Network Management Center™ (NMC), the industry’s only application to fully automate the North American and European truckload carrier onboarding process.

Unprecedented Connectivity and Automation

The NMC enhanced capabilities enable shippers, logistics service providers (LSPs), and carriers to increase their agility during periods of uncertainty when fast time to value is critical. In addition to increasing the ways shippers and LSPs can connect to carriers, the application provides carriers with instant access to project44’s global customer base. As a result, all participants in the transportation ecosystem can operate more efficiently and streamline the data sharing.

“As one of our strategic partners, project44 gives us advanced visibility into our transportation processes so we can remain focused on providing best-in-class service to our customers,” stated Matt Pyatt, Co-Founder and CEO of Arrive Logistics.

The new enhancements allow customers to view carriers in the NMC regardless of how they connect to project44’s network. Previously, the NMC focused on API connections through the carriers’ ELD or telematics devices. Now, customers can also interact with carriers whose connection does not involve a third-party device integration. These carriers represent a significant percentage of overall truckload shipping volume in North America, enabling shippers and LSPs to view all of their carriers in a single place.

“Before partnering with project44, connecting our customers’ carriers was a very labor-intensive process. It could take weeks, even months, to fully tap into their network,” commented Matt Silver, CEO and Co-Founder of Forager. “p44’s NMC streamlines carrier onboarding, giving us status reports and automatically reminding carriers to complete the process. Now we have the potential to add thousands of carriers to our network, all within a week of the initial invite. For a growing startup, being able to scale rapidly is absolutely mission critical. All the uncertainty right now has really been a reminder that it’s crucial to stay agile and find innovative ways to provide value to our customers.”

Since its initial launch in 2017, the NMC has allowed for rapid carrier onboarding, resulting in significantly improved visibility coverage and unprecedented time to value for over 300 global enterprise customers representing $57B of managed freight. 50% of new carriers connect into the project44 network and initiate data sharing within hours, with 80% of carriers, regardless of connection type, signing up within ten days of being invited. project44 offers the industry’s only service level agreement (SLA) for carrier onboarding, which guarantees that 90% of a shipper’s contracted truckload carriers in North America and Europe will be live within 30 days of starting implementation.

Best-in-Class Performance Certification for Carriers

Built as the industry’s connective tissue, project44 provides instant access to the most expansive and highest performing multimodal global network. Approximately 18,000 North American truckload carriers are consistently tracking over 90% compliance. To achieve best in class performance metrics, project44 has implemented extensive best practices guidelines and educational programming with less-than-truckload and full truckload carrier groups as well as telematics providers.

Additional online training and tools will be available in the coming weeks to prepare project44’s North American over-the-road carrier network for a formal certification process starting May 1. This new certification will award a seal of approval to the top performing carriers.

“When I think of project44, I think about them as a leader in technology to help us transform from a legacy-based company into this new world of automation. project44 helps us think smarter and do more with less, which is very relevant today. Instant access to their network of global shippers and logistics service providers has introduced us to countless new business opportunities and relationships that we did not have,” said Greg Orr, EVP US Truckload TFI & President at CFI. TFI International represents one of the largest trucking fleets in North America both in size and revenue.

“The NMC has been a big value driver for our customers and carrier base since it launched in Europe in 2017, and we knew it would be a big focus for visibility investment in North America as well,” said Tommy Barnes, Head of Global Network Partnerships at project44. “By providing one simple application that allows our customers to seamlessly interact with hundreds of thousands of carriers, we continue delivering on our commitment to end-to-end visibility, increased efficiency and profitability across the entire supply chain.”

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