project44 Reimagines Supply Chain Visibility with Enhanced Collaboration, Automation, and Predictive Insights

New capabilities provide greater network collaboration, shipment automation, predictive decision making & order and inventory visibility.

AALBORG, Denmark & PARIS & CHICAGO — project44®, the global leader in supply chain visibility for shippers and logistics service providers, today announced ​powerful new capabilities to help organizations unlock unprecedented levels of performance, productivity, and customer experience.

“Driven by a deep commitment to supply chain transparency and predictability, we’re excited to introduce an evolutionary standard in global supply chain visibility,” said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44. “With increasing demands for agility, the world’s leading brands are looking for a new level of real-time collaboration, automation, and predictive insights. Our new capabilities can help them make faster, more effective decisions and, as a result, build more resilient supply chains.”

According to Bart De Muynck, Vice President of Research at Gartner Inc., visibility “is at the top of the list of technologies to invest in.”

With this release, project44 continues to lead the global visibility market by providing innovative product capabilities that enable supply chains with the elasticity to meet increasing customer demands despite uncertain and unpredictable market conditions.

“This year has proven that real-time visibility and frictionless collaboration across the entire transportation ecosystem is vital,” said Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics. “By enabling shippers who use project44 access to their Girteka Logistics shipments, we achieve full transparency within our transport network and can proactively mitigate any risks. This high level of consistent performance powered by project44 has been and will continue to be mission-critical to our business.”

With project44’s newly launched capabilities, organizations can:

Improve carrier collaboration. Transportation carriers now have access to a unique set of tools, including a carrier-centric interface within project44’s Visibility Operations Center (VOC)® that visualizes current and historical shipment data along with benchmarks broken down by lane for all customers using the project44 platform. Providing carriers and shippers shared real-time access to tracked shipments and analytics enables a more collaborative relationship – which improves service levels, reduces costs, and empowers more efficient exception management.

Increase pre- and post-shipment workflow automation and orchestration. New capabilities enable organizations to automate and orchestrate LTL and TL tender, dispatch and digital document retrieval processes, including electronic bill of lading (eBOL) and proof of delivery (POD) in North America and Europe. Automating over the road shipment execution increases the quality of in-transit tracking, provides real-time access to tracking analytics, reduces costs, and improves the safety of frontline workers at critical handoff points.

Harness multimodal data to unlock predictive insights. project44’s new release provides organizations with deeper predictive and exception management capabilities to proactively manage multimodal shipments. For example, expanded Ocean capabilities leverage ocean carrier schedule data to improve ETA accuracy and provide configurable, port aware alerts enabling efficient supply chain exception management. In addition, real-time condition monitoring with configurable notifications ensures regulatory compliance and significantly improves cold chain visibility on temperature-sensitive shipments for food and beverage, CPG, and pharmaceutical companies.

Clint McDonald, Director of Freight Sales at Dot Foods — the largest food industry redistributor in North America — commented, “Over the last 60 years, we have been committed to driving our partners’ businesses forward and making more products accessible to more people than ever before. We do it by delivering TL and LTL orders of over 134,000 products to our customers in two to four days. Delivering on our mission requires continuous investment in speed and service. With the enhancements made to project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform, we can further streamline shipping processes, prevent excess food waste, gain even more accurate transit times, and provide customers with the best experience possible.”

Gain order and inventory level visibility. In today’s complex global supply chain, there is a multitude of disconnected systems and identifiers (such as Purchase Order, SKU, and BOL) used to track a physical good from origin to destination. project44’s enhanced order and inventory visibility solution improves operational efficiency, on-time delivery, and proactive decision making by providing a single view of associated SKUs, orders and shipments, while also predicting risk using a predictive health scoring algorithm.

“As the largest consumer goods retailer in Denmark, we’ve been looking for a visibility partner who will provide us with a single complete view of all the transports and help us improve operational efficiencies,” said Kennet Thorsen, Senior Distribution Manager at Coop Denmark A/S. “project44 delivers just that. With more high-quality contextualized data, we can track every shipment and conditions around it and, as a result, better meet service goals towards our stores.”

To learn more, talk with one of our team members or watch the release overview video.