10 Red Flags to Consider When Choosing a Real-Time Visibility Provider

Purchasing an innovative technology or software is rarely an easy task, often requiring hours of research, discovery calls, back and forth communication, RFPs, more research… you get the gist. And with a continuously growing demand for real-time transportation visibility, supply chain leaders are no stranger to the vetting process. This can be especially challenging when most visibility providers are branding themselves as ‘leading companies’ with ‘the best’ solution on the market. So, how do you cut through the noise to identify the right visibility partner for your organization?

From automated processes, high-fidelity data, network reach and more, this project44 expert-led webinar breaks down the most common red flags to consider when vetting visibility platforms and how to spot them.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Key questions to ask visibility providers to identify red flags.
  • The benefits of automation, data security, high-fidelity data and more.
  • How the right visibility partner can optimize operations, cut costs, and improve the customer experience.
  • Why project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™ is used by the world’s leading shippers and logistics service providers.