How Eddie Stobart is Delivering Sustainable Distribution

  Eddie Stobart 2020 09 10

Eddie Stobart, known for their forward-thinking focus on innovation, provides leading end-to-end supply chain transport and logistics across Europe.

Willing to Give the Best Service to Customers


Eddie Stobart realized that communication with customers needed to be improved and automated. Aside from the resources and time needed to manually track down shipments, they noticed that customers were expecting more real-time visibility into their shipments. Their customers did not want to reach out every time they needed a shipment update. 

Eddie Stobart, and their subcontractors, were already connected to the project44 network, joining as a requirement from Amazon back in 2014. This accelerated implementation, allowing them to access real-time visibility right away.

“You have visibility, or you don’t get selected”


Visibility is the new normal. Most shippers require carriers to provide real-time data about their shipments through a visibility platform. Eddie Stobart’s top 10 customers in Europe have all made visibility a mandatory service item.

In addition to delivering on this requirement from their top customers, project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™ enabled Eddie Stobart to:

— Simplify internal processes by eliminating manual load updates, which were done daily through a manual process

— Improve communication and transparency with customers through automatic updates, including predictive ETAs real-time alerts when issues occur 

— Better manage subcontractors with the ability to more easily evaluate their performance and work to improve gaps

I am a fervent supporter of project44. I feel that, as an organization, we strengthen our overall market proposition thanks to our partnership with project44. We do not only provide transport, but service. And I know for sure that we have been awarded for some lanes thanks to visibility.

Katrijn Schildermans

International Transport Manager

Get the visibility your customers expect.