Why a Manufacturer Turned to Visibility to Create a Customer-Centric Supply Chain


A leading $23 billion global manufacturer of building products — including HVAC, fire, and security equipment — noticed that growing ecommerce trends around the rise of delivery expectations were fundamentally changing the B2B manufacturing supply chain.


The manufacturer was experiencing an increased demand from customers for real-time information about shipments, predictable delivery commitments, self-service capabilities, and flexibility into order quantities and capabilities. 

While these customer expectations are becoming increasingly common, shippers face challenges when attempting to keep up with innovative competition. This manufacturer was leveraging disparate systems with siloed data, complex multimodal transportation, inventory constraints, and limited flexibility from suppliers.


To become the most customer-centric company in the HVAC, fire, and security industry, they built a competitively advantaged supply chain that could deliver a more efficient, consistent, accurate, and timely customer experience by leveraging advanced visibility with project44. 

The manufacturer focused on moving from a transactional to strategic transportation approach, including optimizing operational capabilities, increasing communication with customers, and gaining transportation visibility. They developed a self-service portal for customers, allowing them to access visibility data collected, cleansed, and normalized by project44.

Build a customer-centric supply chain.