Why This Leading $3B 3PL Embraced Digital Transformation


This leading 3PL with over $3B in revenue has automated their transportation process to address complex less-than-truckload (LTL) logistics challenges.

Manual Methods Causing Unnecessary Delays


With fragmented organizational insight into transportation documentation, the 3PL found themselves spending a significant amount of time and money handling tedious administrative tasks. On top of the resources wasted on this manual process, it resulted in delayed payments, invoicing inaccuracies, and an extended cash conversion cycle. They realized they needed to move away from this time-consuming and labor-intensive approach.

A Digital Approach to Automate the Process


To create a more streamlined approach, the 3PL decided to leverage the project44 full LTL product suite. Because post-shipment documentation was putting a major strain on resources, they got started with p44’s post-shipment solution right away. Digital documents are now pulled into their proprietary TMS directly from their LTL carriers, creating more transparent access and allowing them to more easily guarantee that quoted rates match the final invoice to the penny. With automated invoice retrieval, they save resources, increase team efficiency, and significantly shorten the cash cycle.

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