Network Benefits

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Quality and Reach

To deliver the highest-quality data and insights, project44 has built real-time connections to thousands of carriers worldwide. You'll have access to direct APIs and over 600 telematics and ELD devices.

Rapid Onboarding

Achieve full carrier compliance and rapid ROI by using our intuitive Network Management Center™ to onboard carriers quickly. No coding knowledge, back-and-forth phone calls or long surveys needed.

Secure Data Flow

Keeping your data secure and GDPR compliant is as important to us as it is to you and your customers. Whether your data is in transit or at rest, using our network strengthens your digital privacy.

Premier Relationships


The industry’s leading carriers and technology platforms have built their real-time tracking capabilities and shipment automation programs on project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™.

J.B. Hunt

J.B. Hunt and their customers improve service levels and increase efficiencies with p44.

TMSERP Partners

Integrate high-fidelity carrier data into your TMS, OMS, WMS and ERP systems to achieve end-to-end visibility across your digital supply chain. Our team offers years of experience connecting many data feeds into one single view. To exceed our customers’ expectations, we continually evaluate TMSERP providers interested in partnerships.

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Telematics & ELD Devices

Our 600+ integrations give you access to the largest global telematics/​ELD ecosystem – totaling over 8.5 million vehicles worldwide. Wherever your shipment is, you’ll never have to settle for batched shipment status updates or data transmitted via phone, fax, or email. As more providers enter the market, we welcome new Telematics & ELD partners.

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Integration Services

Use these top-rated system integration partners to help you get the most out of project44 and your digital supply chain technology stack. Experienced integrators are always invited to become systems integrator partners.

Tap into our powerful, growing network and never worry about connecting the dots manually again.