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Manage your supply chain with precision and efficiency, even in the face of disruptions, improving inventory predictability, reducing fines, and meeting customer expectations.​

Logistics Service Providers

Provide the service your customers need and increase profitability in a volatile market through digitalization that doesn't require a high-cost custom solution.


Book and retain more business. We partner with you to keep drivers on the road, eliminate manual check calls and increase profits.

Better Predictability, Better Planet

Our vision is to enable a more productive and successful world, and our planet plays a critical role.

With our actionable data, you have the power to solve infinite problems. By the end of 2023, project44 will help reduce over 14.5M metric tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to removing about 2.6M passenger cars from the road. 


Connect All Modes and Geographies

project44 delivers automated insights and frictionless collaboration at every touchpoint no matter how many modes you use or borders you cross. 

Full Truckload

Proactively track all truck types, including refrigerated freight, across 120+ countries. 

  • Quickly access and act on cleansed, normalized and enriched location data – Ieading to more actionable decision-making across your organization. 
  • Better manage resources and appointments, reduce dwell time, and meet OTIF requirements with customizable geo-fences – producing more accurate arrival times
  • Be more proactive with automated collaboration tools such as in-transit messages, configurable custom alerts and in-application chat
  • Avoid disruptions with ETAs that leverage advanced machine learning models to include historical carrier data, local weather and road regulations, driver hours of service, dock hours, and more

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