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Save Money and Win More Business

Securely share shipment locations with your customers using the technology you already have.

Join more than 100,000 carriers who are increasing efficiency and visibility for themselves and their customers. The best part? project44 is free to use, easy to set up, and works with the technology you already have.

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Save Money

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  • Increase Efficiency
    Reduce tracking calls by up to 80%

  • Reduce Costs
    Manage exceptions, detention, and late fees

  • Gain Visibility
    Use our Visibility Operations Center to keep up on your performance analytics and gain visibility to your fleet

  • Improve Driver Satisfaction
    Keep drivers driving without check calls or multiple apps

Win More Business

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  • Differentiate
    Give customers visibility and be promoted by our Preferred Carrier Program

  • Choose Your Freight
    Provide better service via project44 technology and earn more freight from your customers

  • Access More Loads
    Automatically connect to other shippers without repeat integrations

  • Negotiate With Confidence
    Use data and analytics to demonstrate your performance in contract discussions

Your Data, Your Rules

GDPR, CCPA, ISO Compliant

We adhere to globally recognized data sharing and security protocols.

Your Privacy

We track loads, not drivers. You control what you share.

Don’t Be Disintermediated

Shippers won’t see your subcontractors unless you give consent.

Preferred Carrier Program

Become a Preferred Carrier

Carriers providing superior customer experience and visibility are admitted to project44’s Preferred Carrier program. This leads to increased exposure to shippers looking to work with trusted carriers in the project44 network.

Sign-up is Quick and Free

There are no in-app purchases here, no bait-and-switch; this service is completely free for carriers. There’s also no commitment, terms, or penalties to worry about when joining our carrier network. All it takes is five minutes to hook us up with your GPS enabled, in-cab device and you’ll be on your way to providing automated, high-quality, in-transit visibility to your customers.

Integrate How You Want

With more than 800 telematics partners and 60+ TMS integrations, we can easily connect to your in-cab device, EDI, or API, or use the DriveView mobile app if best for you.

Dedicated Support

We have experts around the world who speak your language and are ready to help whenever, wherever you need it.

Safe & Secure

We know your data privacy is important, that's why we track loads, not drivers. You control what you share, with who, when and how – fully GDPR and CCPA compliant

The Carrier Visibility Operations Center
The Carrier Visibility Operations Center


Gain the same shipment update information as your customers, handle exceptions, or fix any tracking errors to improve customer experience, and use analytic tools and reports to see how you’re performing.

The Network Management Center

The Network Management Center

The NMC facilitates a streamlined onboarding process and helps you manage complex data sharing relationships with hundreds to thousands of carriers, all while promoting trust and security between parties.

DriveView App – Tracking Made Easy

Use the DriveView App For Tracking Made Easy

If you’d prefer to provide location information via your phone, the DriveView app provides you and your drivers a fast and easy way to give your customers the visibility they need, when they need it. Simply receive a notification when tracking begins and ends.

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Our experts around the globe speak your language and are ready to help whenever and wherever you need it. Joining our network means joining a community that is cheering for your success.

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