Yard Management Solutions

Extend Visibility Into the Yard

Manage the day-to-day operations of your yard and facilities with project44. Trailers can flow seamlessly from gate check-in through trailer unloading, with automation and real-time visibility—all managed from one-single platform. Yard Management is autonomous, and includes enterprise slot booking, predictive ETA, prescriptive analytics, real time location tracking, gate and loading dock management, task management, driver management and more. 

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Yard Visibility & Slot Booking

Openly collaborate between carriers and vendors to self-service appointments. Tight integration with project44 order visibility allows predictive ETA. Streamline arrival and departure process by providing forward visibility to loads arriving at facility. Allow drivers to self-check-in/checkout via self-service kiosk to improve throughput.

Enterprise Yard Management

With the full suite solution, go beyond visibility and improve overall end-to-end operational efficiency. Enhance collaboration between gate personnel, yard planners, dock workers, dispatchers, driver and transportation teams. Smart workflow execution engine can automate end-to-end processes.

Take Yard Management to the Next Level

Slot Booking and Gate Management

Streamline the arrival and departure process with self-service kiosks for drivers. Provide upstream visibility to loads arriving at the facility.

Real-Time Trailer Tracking via IoT

Provide real-time visibility of trailers and assets.

Trailer Detention & Dwell Management

Reduce container demurrage and trailer detention.

Loading, Spotter & Live Driver Management

Mange and communicate with over-the-road, live or spotter drivers.

Predictive ETA & Appointment Rescheduling

Advanced workflow to reschedule appointments based on real-time ETAs.

Workflow & Task Management

Autonomous task orchestration engine dispatches tasks to users and improves overall process efficiency.

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