Supplier Visibility

Supplier Visibility Eliminates Shipping Blind Spots

Unlock visibility into inbound prepaid shipments with project44 Supplier Visibility to take control of upstream supply chain activities. Supplier Visibility eliminates shipping blind spots and enables supply chain parties to collaborate on inbound prepaid freight. With real-time information about inbound prepaid shipments from suppliers linked to orders and inventory coming into the network, shippers can better manage inventory levels and carrying costs while breaking down internal silos between transportation and demand chain departments. 


Better Collaboration, Better Results

Gain visibility into inbound shipments, whether your suppliers are project44 customers or not. The best part is, suppliers can connect to the network for free. Begin collaborating with your suppliers today. 

Business Value

Optimize Labor

Plan ahead for yard and warehouse labor allocation to make the best use of your workforce’s time.

Reduce Inventory Costs

Gain insight into what inventory/POs you are receiving and know when your orders will arrive to reduce excess stock.

Eliminate Penalties & Inefficiencies

Decrease downstream inefficiencies and reduce late penalties with predictive insight about when your shipment will arrive.

Collaboration Across the Supply Chain

Share Data with All of Your Supply Chain Partners

As it becomes increasingly difficult to meet evolving customer demands, shippers are eager for high-quality, real-time visibility for all of their into their unmanaged and managed freight. 

Supplier Collaboration


By definition, an enterprise cannot plan supplier-managed freight, which sometimes is more than half of all inbound freight. But the enterprise does need to plan for receiving & putaway labor, yard space, and more.


  • Supplier Visibility increases transparency between the enterprise and its suppliers
  • The enterprise now can plan for what’s coming 
  • Both parties can enjoy higher customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and reduced labor costs.

Inventory Visibility


Demand Chain and Inventory teams don’t have real time visibility into when their orders will arrive. Often the enterprise is not even aware of what they just received until after BOL processing. This creates excess stock and more human to human unplanned interaction between Inventory and Transportation teams. 


  • Supplier Visibility has been optimized in our VOC for the Demand Chain teams to improve inventory planning and remove internal silos

On Time, In Full (OTIF)


How can an enterprise improve OTIF when they can only measure it after-the-fact? This causes not only lack of clarity and tension between all parties but also downstream inefficiencies.


  • Shipment transparency allows the enterprise to track OTIF when they can actually collaborate with suppliers and carriers in real time 
  • This leads to decreased dwell and detention and avoidance of supplier penalties due to missing SLA’s or low compliance. 
Collaborative Visibility

Core Feature Capabilities

Instant Access to Vital Insights

Gain access to real-time tracking and analytics for inbound prepaid freight.

Seamless Onboarding for Suppliers

Our Network Management Center® allows you to Invite your suppliers to the network so they can start sharing their data quickly, providing the fastest time-to-value.

Open Platform

project44’s Supplier Visibility allows you to invite any Tier 1, upstream supplier in your supply chain even if they aren’t a p44 customer.

Order, Inventory, and Shipment Visibility

Easily toggle between shared shipments, orders, and inventory, which makes tracking easy for any team in your organization.

Location-Level Filters

Distribution center managers can allocate resources and ensure important shipments get priority if they are getting cross-docked using custom geofences configured to deliver alerts in the correct timeframe.

Easy Data Sharing for Suppliers

Whether working with a tech-forward supplier using a sophisticated TMS or a small, manual shop; p44 provides the tools for your suppliers to connect at their technology level including API integrations and easy-to-use flat-file uploads.

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