Condition and Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the condition of your truckload shipments to prevent costly spoilage and ensure your perishable products remain safe and compliant. 

Maintain Product Quality

Deliver high-quality goods and temperature-sensitive shipments safely and on time.

Meet Regulations

Ensure a safe temperature is maintained during transport to meet regulations.

Reduce Costs

Reduce rejected deliveries and handle issues before they occur to reduce waste and maintain margins on perishable items.

Temperature Monitoring

Core Capabilities

  • Proactively manage exceptions with customizable temperature alerts

  • Filter for temperature monitored shipments to see your cold chain shipments in one place

  • Combine shipment and temperature data in a single screen to gain a complete view of the shipment

  • Provide all stakeholders with access to real-time temperature data to ensure everyone has the latest insight

Must-Read Resources

Make informed decisions with real-time temperature monitoring.