See Real Trucks in Real-Time.

As capacity across the supply chain continues to tighten, 3PLs and carriers need new tools and more accurate data to make more intelligent business decisions. Cooperative allows 3PLs to opt into a shared pool of visibility to uncover available and reliable truckload capacity. Cooperative takes the guess work out of the freight booking process by providing carrier performance by lane and real-time insight into terminating capacity with significant lead time (36-48 hours out).

Why Cooperative

For 3PLs

With Cooperative, 3PLs can use project44’s data and technology platform to increase transparency into their operations that result in cost savings. project44 tracks hundreds of thousands of truckloads every week, giving 3PLs insight to match and select a carrier in real time. 3PLs can enhance their ability to locate capacity, cover more loads cost efficiently, automate processes, and maximize their network. By using Cooperative, 3PLs will:

  • Gain real-time insight into terminating capacity

  • Know the time and location drivers will be available

  • Cover more loads and increase profits

  • Unlock access to tens of thousands of new carriers who use project44’s platform

Why Cooperative

For Carriers

Carriers care about where they are going and getting paid a fair rate. By being a part of Cooperative, carriers will benefit from increased transparency and trust to book more loads at better rates with fewer dead miles. From Cooperative, carriers will:

  • Gain efficiencies via hauling fewer deadhead miles

  • Reduce effort for drivers or dispatchers to hunt down freight through other means

  • Become more visible to profitable loads

  • Expand their customer base to new 3PLs using the project44 platform

How Cooperative Works


Once 3PLs opt-in to Cooperative, they can query the entire pool to locate a truck, including a time, place, truck type, and additional attributes to the identity of when and where terminating capacity will be.

API Integration

The API responds back with additional information such as the carrier identifiers (MC, SCAC, DOT_NUMBER), carrier name, carrier contact information, and the necessary information to track the load.

Machine Learning

project44’s machine learning ETA model generates and returns the time returned to the customer, giving significant lead time for terminating capacity (on average 36-48 hours out).

Book the Load

3PLs contact the carrier and book the load.

Tracking Available

Shipment is sent back into project44 for tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions the project44 team has heard about Cooperative.

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