Ocean Visibility at its Best

project44 delivers a comprehensive suite of ocean solutions with the breadth, depth, and intelligence you need to manage a complex global supply chain.

Key Benefits

Reduce Logistics Costs

More granular and timely visibility enables you to reduce fees from D&D and gives you the predictability you need to avoid unnecessary costly expedites

Improve Personnel Productivity

Machine learning gives you the highest quality order-level data so you can spend less time manipulating spreadsheets and more time solving customer problems

Proactively Manage Exceptions

Accurate ETAs and proactive alerts focus teams on shipments that matter most while sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain keep you ahead of the competition

Improve Customer Service

Highly accurate visibility data and collaboration applications enable you to more efficiently satisfy customer questions and increase transparency

Streamline Planning & Procurement

Real-time data, dynamically-generated transit times, and advanced analytics enable you to avoid delays and optimize freight procurement

Minimize Carbon Emissions

Measure and reduce Scope 3 emissions from ocean transport when you can optimize routing decisions based on environmental impact

Powering The World's Best


Visibility for the Way You Move

Whether your goods are containerized or rolling, traveling over ocean or through inland waterways, project44 has you covered.

Container Tracking

Gain resilience with market-leading data quality and the most accurate multimodal ETAs, connected to orders with line item and SKU-level granularity.

RoRo Tracking

Improve planning, manage exceptions, and get ahead of disruptions for non-containerized freight with project44.

Barge Tracking

Optimize capacity for barge moves with accurate water depth data for inland waterways, improving reliability of barge legs of multimodal shipments.


Innovative Ocean Solutions

Go beyond visibility with cutting-edge solutions that solve your biggest challenges.

Terminal Visibility

Take control of demurrage fees, improve planning, and streamline land-side operations with real time status of your containers inside the terminal.


Minimize carbon emissions by optimizing routing based on project44’s GLEC-accredited calculation of emissions at the shipment level.

Sailing Schedules

Publicly available schedules are often unreliable and reconciling them is difficult. We keep track of 5 million+ schedules each day and reconcile them so you can optimize your routes and carrier selections based on the most accurate information.


Action-Oriented Insights

Make better decisions faster with real-time global port data and granular analysis of your lanes and carriers.

Port Intel

Avoid excessive dwell times at congested ports with real-time global container and vessel dwell data. Plan ahead, respond to exceptions, and reduce demurrage fees with Port Intel.

Detention & Demurrage Dashboard

Identify and manage all containers at risk of incurring demurrage fees at the click of a button.

Carrier Analysis

Compare carriers based on performance on managed lanes and view carrier-specific reliability reports with historical data on your network.

Stay Up-To-Date with Major Carrier Tracking and Sailing Schedules

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