Ocean Visibility at its Best

Shippers and logistics providers need global ocean visibility with data quality, intelligence, ETAs, and exception management that ensures efficient and cost-effective global transportation. project44 delivers, covering more than 96% of the world’s container volumes with the highest data quality and most accurate ETAs available.

Key Benefits

Improve Personnel Productivity

Machine-learning delivers quality, order-level data with less time spent manipulating spreadsheets

Proactive Exception Management

ETAs and alerts focus teams on what’s important while predictive insights keep you ahead of the curve and set you apart from the competition

Reduce Logistics Costs

Avoid burdensome D&D fees with better and more timely visibility, reducing excessive costs from unnecessary expedites

Improve Customer Service

Accurate visibility data enables you to increase transparency and answer customer questions faster

Agile Planning and Procurement

Real-time data, dynamically generated transit-times, and analytics ensure optimal freight procurement, lead-time accuracy, and delay avoidance

Powering The World's Best

Gain Resilience with Visibility

Sharply reduce your demurrage and detention charges and the number of lost containers with project44. 

Container tracking from project44 will increase your supply chain resilience and perfect your risk mitigation strategy.

Improve Performance with Container Track & Trace

Make better decisions faster with timely exception notifications. Improve your performance in the long-run with live dashboards and customizable reports that enable you to identify trends and target opportunities for improvement.

Manage Global Disruptions With Real-Time Port Intel

Avoid excessive dwell times at congested ports with global container and vessel dwell data at your fingertips. Port Intel delivers real-time global intelligence on port and vessel activity so supply chain professionals can plan ahead, respond to exceptions, and reduce demurrage fees.

Improve Agility with Container Sailing Schedules

We keep track of over 5 million sailing schedules each day so you don’t have to. Optimize your shipping schedules, shipping routes, and carrier selections without expensive manual processes. Stop searching. Start finding.

Optimize Planning with Barge Visibility

Accurately assess and optimize capacity for barge moves with accurate water depth data for inland waterways, improving reliability of barge legs of multimodal shipments.

Introducing Ocean Visibility Flex

A new lightweight solution for low volume shippers – no contracts, no commitments.

Ocean Resources

With years of ocean expertise, project44 can help provide you with information and insights into all aspects of the global ocean shipping industry.

Demurrage and Detention Fees

Demurrage and detention can be a significant factor in doing business when moving freight between shipping ports. Not only can these charges be costly for a shipper, but they can also create delays.

Manage Port Congestion

Port congestion is a big problem when it comes to D&D charges and can have a tremendous impact on both the efficiency of your supply chain and how much you’ll have to pay in detention and demurrage fees.

Know Your Shipping Options

Knowing how to utilize the different FOB options can help streamline your shipping process.

Stay Up-To-Date with Major Carrier Tracking and Sailing Schedules

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Ocean News & Updates

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