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project44 Acquires Ocean Insights

Tracking 350,000 containers daily, Ocean Insights provides track and trace functionality across the vast majority of shipping lines, 700 seaports, and more than 5,000 vessels as well as handling over five million sailing schedule changes per day. 

Track All of Your Containers in Real-Time

Containers tracking will sharply reduce your demurrage and detention charges, and the number of lost containers.

Our container tracking software will increase your supply chain resilience and perfect your risk mitigation strategy.

Powering The World's Best

Track & Trace

You can track and monitor all of your containers with a consolidated view of all of your shipments in real-time. We will get data that you need from 55+ shipping lines, 700 seaports, and 5k+ vessels.

Sailing Schedules

We put a handle on over five million sailing schedule changes per day for you. That will help you optimize your own shipping schedules, shipping routes, and carrier selections. Stop searching. Start finding.

Key Benefits

One Platform

Consolidate and standardized shipment data across all carriers in one platform.


Continuous and actionable status updates, alerts, and notificiations such as delay warnings, POD approach, and vessel roll-over.


Accurate and actionable information most other systems, let alone spreadsheets, can’t even remotely catch up.


The only predictive ETA tool from POL to POD (including transhipments) on the market.

Easy Setup

Seamless integration (and dedicated support) into 3rd party software systems.

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