Order and Inventory Visibility

Track shipments at the order or SKU level, gain a single view of associated orders, inventory, and shipments throughout the supply chain, and predict risk of shipments being delayed based on inventory and order health scores. 

Enhance Exception Management

Better manage pre-transit & in-transit exceptions earlier in the shipment lifecycle process.

Increase Efficiency and Speed

Automate workflows to increase approval speed, reduce average PO processing time by up to 20%, and improve inventory turns and supplier KPIs.

Improve Inventory Management

Reduce stock outs and make better inventory decisions with enhanced transit time data.

Inventory and Order Visibility

Core Capabilities

Consolidate Shipment Identifiers

Capture and associate shipment identifiers to track shipments at the order or SKU level.

Access a Single Source of Truth

Toggle between orders, inventory, and shipments, allowing all users to gain the insight they need.

Gain Accurate Predictive Insights

Use predictive analytics to reduce stock outs and improve on-time pick-up and delivery.

Must-Read Resources

Track your goods throughout the lifecycle of a shipment with inventory and order visibility.