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Global Rail Visibility

Rail visibility is critical for modern, sustainable supply chains. Take the complexity out of rail by unifying carrier data across geographies into a single platform that tracks every rail shipment. project44’s high-quality data covers 98%+ of European and North American rail networks (with expansions into Asia) so you can increase on-time delivery, reduce complexity, and enhance your intermodal and rail visibility.

Track Global Multi-Modal Shipments on One Platform

Across borders and carriers, project44 unifies and normalizes all rail shipment data at the wagon and order-level into a single platform. Spend less time chasing shipment-level information and more time driving efficiency. 

Truly Global Rail Network

Reduce the complexity of cross-border journeys with the broadest and highest-quality rail network coverage across Europe and North America. Our unique access to rail infrastructure data and seamless integration process unlocks sustainable rail shipments around the world.

Take Rail Operations to the Next Level

Coverage Across Countries and Continents

Reduce cross-border complexity with robust, normalized data. Get granularity on rail shipments without the challenge of data access.

Highest Multi-Modal ETA Accuracy

Proprietary techniques stitch multiple intermodal moves into a single ETA across ocean, barge, truck, rail, and air.

Wagon-Level Granularity

project44 has direct access to global rail freight, infrastructure and IoT data, giving you complete clarity into scheduling, routing, shipment positioning, and train details.

Faster On-Time Delivery

Manage by exception with proactive ramp-to-ramp updates and notifications that enable you to prevent delays and increase customer transparency & trust.

Reduce Dwell and Detention Times

project44’s data and algorithms tell you when and how to move. Reduce dwell times, avoid lengthy detentions, and avoid excessive detention fees.

Reduce Emissions with Visibility

Strengthen your ability to track rail shipments and expand reliance on the mode to exceed sustainability targets.

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