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Global Freight Emissions Visibility

Sustainability You Can See

Did you know? 60% of carbon emissions come from a company’s supply chain. It’s time to take action. Measure, track, and reduce freight transportation emissions with global visibility from project44. 

Our Vision

project44 is on a mission to make supply chains work – and we’re passionate about helping companies address the issue of measuring accurate, accredited carbon emissions to achieve their reduction in supply chains. Ultimately, creating a more sustainable planet.



Utilize your existing world-class visibility data through project44 to calculate highly accurate freight transportation emissions.


Gain visibility into your historic and current carbon footprint by mode, country, lane, and carrier - all with shipment-level granularity.


Actively reduce your footprint by incorporating carbon emissions into your tendering process for carrier evaluation and selection.

How it Works

A sustainable supply chain isn’t only good for the planet, it’s good for business. Even the most sustainable companies struggle with measurement and reduction of supply chain emissions. In fact, most companies focus on improving facilities and electricity when those only account for 10% of their emissions. The real target? Freight transportation emissions. 

Let’s change that. 

Using the same technology that has made project44 #1 in global transportation visibility, workflow, and data insights, we’ll deliver highly accurate and granular visibility of your transportation emissions, including: 

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  • Data that is accessible and accurate of your emissions across the transportation network.

  • Visibility and automated reporting of your global freight transportation emissions.

  • Workflow solutions such as an emissions-based tendering process.

Sustainable Supply Chains Demand Better Data

Visibility into carbon emissions gives businesses the data to undertake green transportation” and meet carbon reduction goals.

The Time for Supply Chain Sustainability is Now

It’s not easy being green. With lofty mandates from governments, board members, and most importantly, customers, supply chain sustainability has never been more important. And, according to the Smart Freight Center, businesses need to make an 80 percent reduction in transportation freight emissions in the coming years to do what is necessary to reach climate goals. To achieve that goal, companies need to act now.

At project44, we look forward to helping companies achieve a greener supply chain with:

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  • Visibility of carbon emissions

  • Invaluable insights to achieve green transportation”

  • Data-driven decisions for a reduction in your supply chain carbon footprint

Get Started

Understanding your data is a critical step on the journey to a more sustainable supply chain.