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We want our customers to reach a quick time-to-value and make the most of project44 as soon as possible. That’s why we’re staffed with implementation experts and project managers dedicated to helping every customer get started on our platform.

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  Value Engineering 2
  Visibility Kickoff
  User Acceptance Testing


Our value engineering team exists to help you understand the connection between Advanced Visibility and value, ensuring you can maximize ROI and innovation. The value engineering process includes: 

  • Calculating an ROI assessment and offering recommendations to maximize ROI and reduce costs
  • Exploring opportunities for short-and long-term value creation through labor, IT, and transportation efficiency
  • Creating a polished, comprehensive ROI document to be shared with your executive team
  Value Engineering 2

Visibility Kickoff

Investing a little time upfront to assess your organization’s unique systems and processes pays big dividends in the long run. We’ll dive into your data, how it’s obtained, where the gaps are, and create a plan for going forward. This step covers:

  • Gathering customer inputs and requirements
  • Establishing workflow governance and ownership
  • Communicating your project and goals to carriers 
  • Connecting all pre-existing carriers on p44
  • Onboarding and activating new carriers
  Visibility Kickoff

Functional & Technical Training

Your operations team will receive training in day-to-day use of project44. We’ll also provide detailed training and documentation for your technical staff. During this step you can expect:

  • Collaborating in design sessions
  • Planning for build and test environments
  • Creating a robust design documentation channel that includes key technology, third-party and internal resource dependencies
  • Developing a project log and implementation schedule

Your Solution Blueprint

Here’s where your custom implementation comes to life. We marry our out-of-the-box capabilities with the custom needs of your company. We’ll work off an agreed-upon blueprint and configuration cycle to refine specific technical requirements or needs. Key aspects of this step include:

  • Completing configuration testing and validation
  • Enabling TMS integration to prepare for testing
  • Raising, analyzing, and accepting/​rejecting/​tracking changes

User Acceptance Testing

Testing is vital to ensuring a smooth go-live. Like any mature software organization, we don’t begin live deployment until all parties are satisfied with UAT. Your team will engage with us to:

  • Execute an agreed-upon UAT plan
  • Ensure early bugs are accounted for and addressed
  • Participate in final team training
  User Acceptance Testing

Setup & Launch

Here’s where your team’s diligence and dedication pays off. After the UAT step is complete, we move forward with deployment and go live — testing everything one final time. The deploy step will involve:

  • Double checking requirements and integrations to ensure everything is connected properly
  • Reaching a mutual Go / No-Go decision for launch
  • Deploying to the live environment

Continuous Improvement

We’re invested in this relationship for the long haul. Once your implementation is live and stable, our Customer Success team works hand-in-hand with yours to ensure smooth operations and uncover new business value. We’ll set up regular check-ins for:

  • Reviewing and executing support plans
  • Checking system health
  • Discussing progress toward reaching your new business goals
  • Sharing new product features and opportunities
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