Powerful Analytics & Insights

Drive Better Decisions with Better Data

Transform your global operations with advanced insights and analytics based on the industry’s most trusted transportation data.

The project44 Promise

Predictive Intelligence and Faster Results

project44 empowers you to proactively manage your entire global support chain to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer happiness.

Business Value
Uncover Exceptions Before They Happen

By connecting siloed information across your supply chain, identify carriers that are having on-time issues and pinpoint common or repeating causes of delayed shipments.

Discover Patterns to Improve Performance

Explore your data to discover trends in performance, determine if issues are isolated or systemic, and take swift action to deliver unprecedented business value.

Predictive Analytics Fueled by High-Fidelity Data

Deliver a better customer experience by leveraging the industry's most trusted transportation data to make more informed and proactive decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Core Capabilities

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  • Predictive Arrival Data

    With ETAs that leverage both computational and statistical methods, you’ll have access to the most dependable arrival insights.

  • Carrier Benchmarking

    Understand how carriers are performing by lane, customer and location to optimize delivery performance and reduce dwell.

  • Lane Analysis

    Evaluate lane performance to better inform carrier assignment and overall supply chain planning.

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Gain key information at-a-glance with dashboards or drill into detailed reports about in-transit shipments, carriers, and more.

  • Persona-Based Reporting

    Provide a variety of users - carrier manager, network analyst, customer representative - the exact information they need to perform best. 

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Make better business decisions with advanced analytics based on high-fidelity data.