Frequently Asked Questions - Carriers

Who is project44?

project44 powers Movement, the world’s leading advanced visibility platform for shippers and logistics providers. Leveraging the power of Movement, organizations can increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve shipping performance. Connected to thousands of carriers worldwide via multiple connection types, including integrations with nearly all ELD and telematics devices on the market, project44 supports all transportation modes and shipping types.

Are you a broker?

project44 is not now and will never be a broker – we are a neutral party in this industry whose main goal is to make you and your customer’s lives easier via automated load tracking. Becoming a broker would mean we would be directly competing with our customers.

Are brokers using this data to drive down prices?

No. project44 only provides tracking data during the duration of a load, meaning that brokers will not know where the capacity is at all times. Our goal is to use this data to ensure that you spend less time on the phone with your broker and more time doing what you love – moving freight.

How does project44 connect with carriers to track loads?

project44 gives each carrier the option to select their preferred connection setup, whether via ELD/​telematics, TMS, direct API, or DriveView mobile app. When integrated with your ELD, project44 pulls location data from your ELD provider. With a TMS integration, we use an API connection to automatically receive location data from your TMS. Once we receive this data, we normalize it and then securely share it with your customers to access via project44’s platform. We can work with you to find the best connection method.

What if I don’t have an ELD or TMS system?

project44 has a mobile app available on iOS and Android called DriveView that is free, easy to install, and easy to use. DriveView communicates location and ETA information when you have an active load and automatically stops tracking when you are done with your trip. 

Why don’t you just put a tracking device on the shipment?

project44 offers onboarding via a number of different devices, including trailer telematics. If you have a trailer telematics solution and would like to join the network with that device over an ELD, please contact to begin the process.

What’s in it for me?

By joining the project44 network, you become a more efficient, effective, and visible partner to shippers and brokers. You will benefit from reduced dwell times and check calls from your customers by providing them location and ETA automatically. With the growing demand for visibility from shippers, integrating with project44 will help you win repeat business.

Will this cost me money?

No. Joining the project44 carrier network is free for carriers and enables you to share key tracking data with your customers. 

I already share this data with other visibility tracking companies, can’t you use that?

No, our mutual customers have subscribed to project44 to access location updates on their shipments through our platform, meaning you must connect through us. After you join project44, you can easily turn on/​off access to multiple customers. 

Are you tracking me all the time?

No. project44 only tracks a truck for the duration of a mutual customer’s load. For example, if you are moving freight for a shipper, they will tell us the shipment’s origin, destination, and any stops in between. We only share tracking information 90 minutes before the scheduled pick up to help with scheduling, and we end tracking when the truck leaves the final delivery location. We do not track in between shipments. We respect your privacy. 

Will any broker have access to any Hours of Services (HOS) data? Will I be penalized for going over my hours?

Absolutely not. None of project44’s customers, including Shippers or 3PLs, have any access to any HOS information. project44 takes the available Hours of Service for a particular shipment to factor into the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for that specific load. At no point is a broker ever made aware of available hours.

Is my data secure?

project44 follows strict data protection regulations to ensure your data is safe. We only pass your freight location data to your customers. We do not redistribute or resell your data. We are fully GDPR compliant and always keep your data and privacy protected. Carriers determine who they share their data with and can stop at any time. We only track shipments when they are out for delivery and have been initialized by the customer – we do not track anything in between shipments and we do not share Hours of Service data. Allowing an ELD integration via project44 does not give our mutual customers visibility or access into your ELD devices. 

Do you have to use my driver’s cell phone?

No. We prefer to track the trucks via ELD/​telematics or API connections simply because it’s easy, requires a one-time setup, and we have no interest in tracking individuals. We want to get you and your drivers out of apps, off the phone, and back to the open road.