Over-the-Road Rating

Get real rates in real time.
With capacity strained and the spot market surging, shippers, 3PLs, and carriers require real-time data and automation to book freight. As the impartial connective tissue for supply chain logistics, project44 can aggregate data and automate processes to enable shippers, 3PLs, and carriers to operate more effectively. Over-the-Road Rating centralizes information on truckload contract and spot market rates so shippers and 3PLs can make smarter buying decisions while replacing phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets with a technology platform. 

Over-the-Road Rating Powers Data-Driven Spot Rating

Be More Efficient

Spot market shipments require countless phone calls, email threads, and complicated spreadsheets to manage from quote initiation through booking. Consolidate that work on a one-to-many platform with highly accurate data and workflow tools to save up to 60% of the time on the freight booking process.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

For shippers and 3PLs, reviewing all quote information across fragmented inputs is cumbersome and opaque, making it difficult to ensure you are getting a competitive quote. View real-time and historical tracking data to select the best carriers for your lanes based on factors like tracking quality, on-time percentage, and more.

Expand Access to Supply and Demand

Finding the right load as a provider or the right rate for a shipper has never been more critical than it is in today’s unprecedented market conditions. Use a one-to-many platform with aggregated data to facilitate connectivity between shippers, 3PLs, and carriers and increase access to supply and demand with project44’s 800+ customers and 100,000+ carrier network.

Why Over-the-Road Rating

For Shippers & 3PLs

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  • Gain confidence that you’re getting the best price

  • Save up to 60% of the time on the quote booking process

  • Eliminate the pain and manual effort behind the rate quote and tendering process

  • Receive instant rate quotes from truckload capacity providers

  • Tap project44’s industry-leading provider network for capacity during a crunch

  • Strengthen relationships with existing carriers through technology and automation

Why Over-the-Road Rating

For Capacity Providers (Carriers, Freight Forwarders & 3PLs)

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  • Increase revenue and secure more profitable business through project44’s deep network of shipper & 3PL customers

  • See comprehensive shipment details to make a fully-informed quote

  • Find loads in lanes you care about the most

  • Receive rate requests automatically from shippers and 3PLs

  • Ability to complete the workflow even when not logged into the platform

  • Control who sees your rates

How Over-the-Road Rating Works

Create connections

Shippers can invite their own 3PLs and carriers to project44 to bring their quoting and booking activity into a central location, as well as make net new connections with project44’s industry-leading provider network.

Initiate shipments

Shippers enter details about their upcoming loads into the system, leveraging streamlined data entry tools like quote templates and saved location data for faster completion.

Provide quotes

3PLs and carriers share price and transit time details through instant quoting via a Rating API connection or enter details directly into the system.

Evaluate options

Shippers view all received quotes in a single interface to easily compare price, transit time, and service details to select the one that best meets their needs.

Make bookings

Shippers, 3PLs, and carriers collaborate on bookings through the system to ensure shipments are executed according to plan.

Manage ongoing work

Shippers, 3PLs, and carriers can leverage targeted tables containing ongoing quotes and bookings to effectively manage their workflows to completion.

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