Visibility Into the Warehouse

Slot Booking

project44’s real-time transportation visibility and slot booking integrations provide intelligent appointment management that combines predictive ETAs, available capacity, and facility parameters into its system logic, providing stakeholders with expanded visibility from over the road and now into the warehouse. 

Streamline Visibility and Slot Booking

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  • Reduce Wait Times and Congestion

    Book appointments with real-time data and predictive ETAs empower planners to streamline appointments.

  • Increase Collaboration and Customer Satisfaction

    Real-time notifications increase visibility and collaboration between, shipper, carrier, warehouse and customers.

  • Reduce Penalties, Fees and Chargebacks

    Real-time insight into slot availability enables proactive appointment management, minimizing disruptions and fees.

  • Eliminate Manual Processes and Errors

    Seamlessly update slot appointments based pre-loaded facility parameters to reduce manual intervention and booking errors.

  • Increase Productivity and Optimize Labor

    Improve the flow of goods at warehouses with the agility to shift plans and appointments and allocate labor as needed when and where it is needed.

Get Free Slot Booking for a Year

p44 customers in Europe that sign up for slot booking by June 30, 2021 will receive a free year of access to slot booking capabilities.
Intelligent Slot Booking

Explore Our Core Capabilities

Predictive Shipment Information

By combining slot booking with transportation visibility, appointments can shift based on predictive ETAs.

Comprehensive Slot Insight & Configurable Parameters

Real-time slot availability based on capacity, asset type, unloading and loading needs, and resource availability — all factored into system logic.

Automated Notifications

Keep all stakeholders up to date with automated status updates about shipment location and slot appointment.

Access to an Intuitive & Customizable UI

An easy-to-use UI offers drag-and-drop capabilities that highlight the most optimal slot available and the ability to customize views by role.

Easy Integration & Access

Ready to use API integrations that connect seamlessly you’re your existing systems and the ability to access slot booking directly through project44’s Visibility Operation Center.

Rapid and Automated Carrier Onboarding

Get your carriers onboarded quickly with project44’s automated, self-service application — the Network Management Center.