How a Global Manufacturer Became a Data-Driven Shipper


To improve efficiency, a global building materials manufacturer realized they needed to digitize their operations. They switched from outdated tracking technology to project44’s Advanced Visibility™ Platform for real-time tracking and predictive analytics, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

The Need to Evolve


Customers’ tracking expectations evolved from wanting an estimated delivery date to needing visibility at every stage of the shipment. Without a modern digital platform based, the manufacturer was dependent on EDI data, leaving them without access to accurate, timely data and limiting their ability to meet customer needs and make effective, proactive decisions.

An Innovative Approach with a Wide Network


The manufacturer selected the project44 Advanced Visibility Platform for its deep API capabilities, integrations with hundreds of telematics/​ELD devices, and large network of carriers. With flexible and scalable solutions, international coverage, and a roadmap aligned to their strategy, project44 has quickly enabled real-time truckload tracking and provided predictive analytics/​ETAs for more data-driven decisions and the transparency their customers expect.

Get the predictive analytics that breed data-driven decisions.