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API & Direct Integrations

Track Without Toil

When you set up a direct integration with project44, you can automatically push shipment updates to your customers from your TMS or other systems that your agents use every day. 

Movement for Carriers

Movement by project44 is our high-velocity supply chain platform used by our customers and carriers alike to access an analytics-powered view of all of their shipment data. Movement allows carriers to: 

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  • View details of all shipments tracked with project44

  • Filter shipment lists to find exactly what you need and save these lists for easy future access

  • Export data to analyze offline or share links to individual shipments for fast problem-solving

  • Monitor your performance across key metrics, such as tracking percentage and on time delivery percentage

  • Identify and solve tracking errors with root causes and recommended fixes

Getting Started with API

I’m a carrier trying to determine which connection type is right for my business. How do I know if API is the best option for me?

We recommend direct API connections for logistics providers and carriers with very large fleets who regularly move loads for project44 customers. It’s also best for those with the time and technical capabilities to work with project44 to connect as it can take up to four weeks to get set up.

If this does not sound like your situation, Telematics or DriveView are probably better options for you.

Who from my organization should I work with to set up this connection type?

Setting up a direct API connection with project44 requires some technical know-how, so we suggest involving your IT department and/​or whoever at your organization manages your TMS to get set up.

How long does it take to setup and start tracking? What needs to be done?

Getting set up with a direct API connection can be done in as little as a week but can take up to 4 weeks, depending on your company’s technical capabilities. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to push data to project44. We can receive updates via API, EDI or CSV flat file—whatever works best for you—but you must be able to push latitude/​longitude, milestone event updates, and UTC timestamps to project44 to track successfully.

Need to start tracking immediately? The DriveView app is a great way to start tracking customer loads immediately while you set up your API integration.

How do I successfully track with API?

To ensure consistent, high-quality tracking, the shipment ID you push must match the shipment ID your customer is pushing to project44. You also must push event-based and location data in regular frequencies with little to no latency.

One of the perks of a direct API connection is that day-to-day operational rigor is not required to maintain consistent tracking; once the integration is complete, tracking will occur automatically.

Updates to your integration may be necessary if a new customer requests to receive tracking updates from you. In this case, you can use your current integration to turn on sharing updates for your customer—no need to set up a new integration with project44.

How does project44 protect privacy?

project44 is tracking loads, not drivers or assets. You control when tracking updates are pushed to project44. Customers only have visibility to tracking updates that are pushed to project44 90 minutes before the scheduled pick-up window to the point when the shipment has been delivered.

You can be confident that your data is safe since we’re GDPRCCPA compliant, SOC II verified, and ISO 27001 certified.

Where can I go for additional help?

If you’ve successfully tracked with project44 in the past but are now having issues, first check out the Root Cause Analysis dashboard in Movement. Here, you can get details on which shipments failed to track, why they didn’t track, and how to fix these issues moving forward.

For help getting connected or troubleshooting connectivity issues, submit a request and a member of our team will be in touch. 

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