Supply Chain Visibility for Carriers

Helping Carriers Keep Customers Updated

Join thousands of carriers worldwide using project44 to share shipment location information with customers securely and easily all for free. Our solution allows you to automatically share tracking updates and ETAs via an your ELD/​telematics device, an easy to use mobile application, or directly from your TMS.

What Does project44 Do?

project44 is not a broker or a load board. We are a transportation visibility provider, meaning we help you share shipment location information with mutual customers to reduce dwell times and check calls.

Benefits of Data Sharing

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Maintain driver privacy with a platform that only tracks active shipments, and anonymizes driver data, and does not share your. ELD/​telematics credentials.

Keep Drivers Driving Safely

Your drivers will spend less time answering distracting check calls, letting them focus on driving.

Reduce Detention Time

Reduce dwell time and help drivers get back on the road by providing visibility into when trucks arrive.

How to Get Started

Join the project44 Carrier Network

We have the largest ELD/​telematics network in the world, allowing most carriers to connect within hours of being invited to join. With support available in 16 languages via phone, email, portal, or chat, our team is here to help ensure carriers are successful with project44.

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Carrier Bill of Rights

Data Privacy Commitment

This is our promise to you. The Bill of Rights details how we will — and will not — use and share data with third parties, whether they are shippers, logistics service providers or subcontractors.

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