Improve agility and operational efficiencies

Advanced Workflow Automation

We’ve spent years automating the most challenging aspects of your operations across the over the road shipment lifecycle to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase agility. 

Improve Tracking Performance

Increase tracking efficiency by connecting end-to-end processes and removing friction from the shipment lifecycle – all without placing extra burden on your team.

Reduce Costs

With workflow automation, you can finally retire inflexible, obsolete and siloed legacy systems that monopolize development time and require costly integrations.

Increase Efficiencies

Eliminate redundant, slow and manual processes and reduce the chance for error – increasing your organizations operational efficiency.

Digital Transformation

Full Shipment Automation

From freight procurement to settlement, project44 offers advanced solutions throughout the shipment lifecycle, including tracking across modes as well as Truckload, LTL, and Groupage pre- and post-shipment automation.

Digitize Early Steps

Automating transportation begins well before the shipment is ever loaded. Request rates and dispatch loads for pick up by a specific carrier – all without ever picking up the phone.

Rates and Transit Time

  • Access updated dynamic or contractual rates from carriers, including on the spot market
  • Request a transit time estimate or guaranteed delivery time on critical freight shipments

Dispatch and Tender

  • Streamline how you request bids from multiple carriers, including on the spot market and through marketplaces
  • Directly book shipments, automatically initiate tracking, and retrieve critical digital shipping documents

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