Meet project44’s 2024 Preferred Carriers

project44 preferred carriers 2024

project44’s Preferred Carrier program was created in 2020 to recognize carriers that go above and beyond to provide exceptional real-time visibility for our mutual customers. As we launch our 2024 awards, we are excited to announce an expansion to include our Ocean carriers in addition to our over-the-road carriers. 

You can view the complete list of preferred carriers here: project44’s 2024 Preferred Carriers

The 2024 list features 3,580 carriers across 70+ countries, representing less than 2% of project44’s extensive carrier network. The list features carriers ranging from individual owner-operators to multinational enterprises, proving that real-time visibility is beneficial across all modes, sizes, and geography. Preferred Carriers jumped 38% from 2023 to 2024, reflecting a shared dedication to achieving high-velocity supply chains with our shared customer base.

These carriers are evaluated on shipment volume, data availability, and quality of supplied data over time. They have consistently committed to providing high-quality, real-time data across the project44 network. 

The core benefit of being named a Preferred Carrier is gaining visibility across thousands of project44 customers, including shippers, LSPs, technology providers, and freight forwarders, who rely on project44 for real-time visibility. These carriers see year-over-year shipment volume increases due to the high level of performance provided to customers, increasing the overall demand for their service. 

To become a carrier of choice, you need to: 

  • Connect to the project44 network to share real-time visibility data with your customers. For more information on connecting, please visit our carrier webpage.
  • Start using Movement to gain fleet visibility, fix connectivity issues, and deliver an outstanding customer experience. For more information on Movement, check out project44’s carrier experience in Movement. 

Congratulations to the 2024 Preferred Carriers – thank you for your continued partnership in serving our mutual customers.