Last mile insights

Optimize carrier performance

Predict delivery issues

Predict delivery issues

Leveraging data from over 26 billion shipment events, Last Mile Insights identifies complications 35 hours before carriers do and reveals hidden issues in up to 17% of customer deliveries.

Unlock critical insights on-demand

Unlock critical insights on-demand

Evaluate actionable carrier data and centralized delivery insights — including executive level-metrics — across any last mile mode, covering all carriers within your network.

Take action with more confidence, less effort

Take action with more confidence, less effort

With aggregated order and customer data, retailers gain insights from customizable reports with 10x less effort. Prescriptive reporting pinpoints root causes and highlights opportunities to make decisions based on trusted data.

Movement eCommerce Logistics

Real-time order insights with eCommerce Logistics

Movement Visibility

At-risk shipment analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your network’s most at-risk shipments. Detect stalled deliveries, identify the carriers facing issues, and locate the precise facility points of delay.

Keep tabs on all attempted deliveries based on carrier and location to handle return-to-sender shipments effectively.

Pinpoint shipments with address anomalies based on carrier and location and resolve any discrepancies swiftly through bulk alerts.

Monitor the complete number of shipments incurring damage and track the frequency of damages over time. Sort data views and detailed insights by carrier and location.

Detect delayed shipments by carrier, location, and risk level, allowing you to notify customers in advance and manage expectations.

Unlock advanced network performance analytics 

Click-to-delivery dashboard

Unify order processing and transit durations to pinpoint the average time it takes from a customer’s click to the moment it arrives at their doorstep — a key performance benchmark for retailers.

Click-to-delivery dashboard

Carrier EDD & customer promise comparison

Consistently track essential metrics such as Carrier Estimated Delivery Dates (EDD) and customer promise dates, to accurately gauge performance against predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) over time.

Carrier EDD & customer promise comparison

Carrier performance analytics

Monitor performance changes over time with a view of the complete on-time percentage and average transit days for all carriers in your network.

Carrier EDD & customer promise comparison

Carrier exception reporting

Get average exception rates across your network and for specific carriers. Gain insights into common exception types occurring across within your carrier base.

Last mile insights carrier exception reporting

Consumer Visibility

Keep end consumers more informed and engaged with real-time visibility of last-mile shipments on tailored branded tracking pages with personalized delivery alerts. 

Last Mile Resolution

Enhance customer experience with a dedicated management hub that highlights distressed shipments within your network with self-service resolution options. 

Predictive Delivery Dates

Set accurate expectations and enhance customer satisfaction with delivery predictions backed by insights from 21 billion shipment events, right in the shopping cart. 

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