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project44 is a four-time Leader on the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms

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last mile carrier integrations


monthly shipments


shipment events tracked


consumer alerts sent monthly

Consumer Visibility

Keep end consumers more informed and engaged with real-time visibility of last-mile shipments on tailored branded tracking pages with personalized delivery alerts. 

Predictive Delivery Dates

Set accurate expectations and enhance customer satisfaction with delivery predictions backed by insights from 21 billion shipment events, right in the shopping cart. 

Last Mile Insights

Access essential analytics and metrics on carrier and shipment performance, empowering your team to tackle the most important delivery issues. 

Last Mile Resolution

Enhance customer experience with a dedicated management hub that highlights distressed shipments within your network with self-service resolution options. 

Last Mile Connect

Gain normalized, enriched, and predictive delivery data across all modes, via API. Drive NPS and maintain control of your brand experience with advanced delivery communication.

Delivery Appointment Scheduling 

Delivery Appointment Scheduling embeds scheduling functionality directly through the branded visibility experience and via email notifications, turning a complicated process into a seamless customer experience. 


Increase revenue 

Increase revenue 

Delivering a superior post-purchase customer experience is proven to increase NPS, which has a direct correlation to increased revenue. A 7-point increase in NPS can lead to a 1% increase in revenue. By designing and adopting a delivery experience that exceeds customer expectations, you can differentiate from your competitors and drive growth.

Save cost 

Save cost 

WISMO calls are a major pain point for both businesses and customers. Accurate visibility and proactive alerts can help businesses reduce WISMO calls by 50%, saving money and improving the experience for customers. 

Generate loyalty 

Generate loyalty 

Differentiate on delivery experience with real-time tracking, predictive delivery dates, delivery appointment scheduling, and proactive notifications that satisfy customers and keep them coming back for more. 

How LifeSeasons streamlines supply chain operations for 33% efficiency gains
Life Seasons

I’m very familiar with various shipping software, and I would say project44 is extremely easy to use unlike other visibility platforms I’ve seen. I like how simple it is and the amount of visibility it provides. All of the information is in one place and just a click away.

Zach Cannon
Manager of Operations and Logistics

eCommerce logistics for every team

eCommerce & Marketing

Improve customer experience with industry leading last mile data, configurable branded tracking experiences, and customizable alerts to increase CSAT & NPS.

Customer Service

Decrease WISMO inquiries by 50% and cut time to solve in half with automated case management and a last mile control tower.

Logistics Teams

Proactive notification of order issues to solve exceptions before they impact customers; carrier insights to uncover cost saving opportunities.

Procurement & Finance

Data-driven last mile network optimization with carrier performance metrics that allow you to select the best provider.

How it works


Drive cart conversion 

Predictive delivery dates and transparent delivery options give your customers the confidence they need to complete their purchase. 


Keep your customers updated 

With direct carrier integrations and algorithms to enhance carrier data, share the industry’s most accurate visibility and proactive notifications to keep customers informed on order status. 


Predict delivery issues 

By analyzing historical data and identifying patterns, machine learning models predict when and where delivery issues are likely, so you can deploy resources and take preventive measures. 


Analyze delivery performance 

Carrier performance improvement is one investment you can’t overlook. Identify and address areas for improvement, such as on-time delivery rates, damage rates, and customer satisfaction ratings. 

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