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Eliminate stock outs and shortages

Use real-time order-level visibility and predictive insights to ensure your products hit stores on time and you’re prepared when delays happen. Order visibility links orders to shipments, to help you manage goods in-transit, optimize stock levels, and minimize shortages.

Improve on-time performance

Make smarter decisions with historical data about every route you use. Use carrier performance metrics and insights to monitor performance and make informed carrier routing and planning decisions.

Reduce product waste

Maintain product integrity and customer satisfaction, especially for perishable items. With temperature monitoring, you can ensure that when a trailer has fallen out of appropriate temperature range, a real-time notification will be delivered.

HARIBO is committed to delivering our beloved products on time and at the highest level of quality our brand is known for. We chose to work with project44, the leader in real-time transportation visibility. These insights help us increase the resiliency of our supply chain and enable faster and smarter decisions that will get Haribo’s products into the hands of our customers.

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Use Cases

Get the right inventory to the right stores, faster

Real-time shipment visibility

Streamline inventory management with real-time shipment visibility, down to the purchase order and SKU

Historical data and shipment insights

Improve demand forecasting by analyzing historical data and shipment insights

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Gain real-time visibility into every mode: Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail, Air, Barge, Ocean, and Last Mile — including visibility into RoRo shipments. 


Turn your facilities into cost optimizers using real-time data, workflow automation and IoT. Streamline operational processes into a single view that reduces truck wait times, improves asset utilization, and automates tasks for warehouse personnel.


Win customer loyalty and drive business growth with real-time tracking, early issue resolution, and proactive customer communication. Master the last mile and boost your bottom line with a seamless eCommerce delivery experience.

Start your high-velocity supply chain journey today