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Preferred Carriers

With 240,000 + connected carriers and growing, project44 is providing visibility all the time through our award-winning High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform. Preferred Carriers are those in our network who go above and beyond every day to provide the best service possible. The project44 Preferred Carriers list is a valuable resource for shippers looking for carriers committed to visibility.

project44 Preferred Carriers

The benefits of joining the project44 network

Along with access to Movement by project44, all carriers who participate in the project44 network will be able to:


Reduce dwell time since visibility helps customers better prepare for arrival


Collect fees when dwell does happen with historical data proving wait times


Save on customer service when customers can track their shipments in real time instead of calling for updates


Gain an advantage among shippers and LSPs that value visibility when you’re recognized as a Preferred Carrier


Secure profitable new business with top global shippers and LSPs on project44’s platform

How do you earn Preferred Carrier Status?

If a carrier meets the following criteria, they are considered “Preferred” by project44:

  • High tracking percentages across multiple loads
  • Have tracked more than 200 loads this year
  • Are visibility evangelists who understand the need for and promote shipment visibility
  • Maintain a consistent connection with p44 that provides high-fidelity data

Join the network.

To offer the most flexible and seamless experience, we continually evaluate and welcome tech providers interested in partnership.