Proactively manage exceptions 

With real-time visibility, you can quickly identify and address exceptions or disruptions, minimize their impact, and find solutions to reduce risks and minimize potential losses. 

Maximize efficiency & minimize costs 

Select the most efficient routes, adjust schedules to minimize costs, and minimize fees without costly manual processes with actionable real-time visibility data. 

Optimize inventory 

Precise location data and real-time ETAs for goods in transit help you make smarter calls in production, distribution, and fulfillment. Optimize stock levels, avoid excess inventory, and achieve greater efficiency. 

Air by the numbers 


with airlines 


with top freight forwarders 



monitored annually 

Movement Visibility

Air Visibility in Movement 

project44 unifies and normalizes data from freight forwarders and airlines to deliver visibility from door to door, including pre-carriage, main leg, and on-carriage segments, connected to orders with line item and SKU-level granularity. 


More than an event stream 

project44 centralizes and standardizes milestone data from your carriers and forwarders and transforms it into an easy-to-parse snapshot of your shipment’s entire journey. 

Easy-to-parse snapshot of your shipment’s entire journey. 

Visibility beyond the airport 

With connections to over 200 airfreight carriers and forwarders, project44 provides you with a single view of your shipments from door to door, regardless of who is moving them. 

project44 provides you with a single view of your shipments from door to door

Every mode, one platform 

Manage your airfreight shipments in the same platform you use for visibility on every mode, including ocean, truckload, less-than-truckload, parcel, rail, and more for a unified view of your entire supply chain.   

Every mode, one platform 

Stay ahead with automation 

Let Movement handle previously manual tasks like associating shipments with orders, sharing status updates with downstream parties, and identifying exceptions so you can focus on what matters. 

Stay ahead with automation 

Stay on track with accurate ETAs and proactive alerts that focus teams on shipments that matter most. Get ahead with sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain. 

Full Truckload

Leverage project44’s extensive network of over 3 million trucks spanning 170+ countries to gain real-time insights into your FTL, LTL, and parcel shipments. 

Rating & Booking

Manage pre-transit tasks effortlessly with Rating and Booking. Get instant rates from carriers, benchmark their performance against market rates, and select the best route for your shipment. 

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