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Astra Zeneca


Eliminate downstream impacts when delays occur

Use predictive ETAs and shipment insights to proactively address transit delays when they occur. Run reports on impacted cargo and alert customers of delivery changes.

Managing lot level exceptions and incidents

Monitor shipments at the lot and SKU level to ensure quality and responsiveness and decrease risk.

Maintain inventory freshness and reduce excess inventory

Enhance transit time accuracy and reduce variability, facilitating smarter inventory management decisions to prevent stockouts and wastage.

Smarter route planning and carrier management

Leverage real-time data and analytics for optimal route planning and efficient carrier management, reducing transit times and improving delivery reliability.

project44 has enabled us to meet our commitment to customers in a year of unpredictability. With awareness of where our goods are located, we can adapt to interruptions and make proactive decisions to ensure that our distributors are stocked with inventory. Supply chain visibility is a game changer for our ability to drive growth and enhance patient experiences in a challenging economic environment.

Pat Kenefick
Vice President, Global Distribution and Logistics

Use Cases

Gain visibility into products in-transit and better navigate market volatility

Reduce detention, demurrage, and accessorial fees

Reduce detention, demurrage, and other accessorial fees

Evaluate lane analytics and ensure timely deliveries

Evaluate lane analytics and ensure timely deliveries

Review carrier performance using enhanced data insights

Review carrier performance using enhanced data insights

Alcon’s path to visibility


Gain real-time visibility into every mode: Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail, Air, Barge, Ocean, and Last Mile — including visibility into RoRo shipments. 

Port Intel

Steer clear of port congestion and extended dwell times using real-time global container and vessel dwell data. From everyday exceptions, to black swan events, project44 has you covered. 

Yard Management

Eliminate manual processes from the yard entirely with project44’s real-time data and workflow automation, and unified supply chain processes that streamline pre-arrival, gate, dock, and yard stages. 

Transform your Life Sciences supply chain

Learn how project44 can innovate and streamline your Life Sciences supply chain operations.