Keep your supply chain trucking 

Streamline logistics operations 

project44’s real time visibility with industry-leading predictive ETAs and proactive alerts enable you to finally put an end to “best guess” dock labor planning and managing transportation across multiple systems, spreadsheets, and emails.  

Take control of costs

Avoid millions in excess expenses from dwell penalties, unnecessary expedites, and miscellaneous fees with real time data and insights powering smarter decision-making.  

Improve performance

Raise the bar on what truly matters: customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and revenue. Achieve a consistent record of timely, complete deliveries, initiate proactive communication during exceptions, and leave your customers well-informed and delighted. 

How it works


With 240K+ global truckload carriers connected, chances are your carriers are already in the project44 network. We’ll work with you to invite any carriers not yet connected so you can start tracking fast. 

project44 offers carriers flexible connectivity options, including telematics, API/TMS, and our DriveView mobile app. Many carriers can self-onboard in minutes and our dedicated network specialists are here to assist them every step of the way. 

Customers initialize shipments in Movement using a shipment identifier, such as a bill of lading, and adding an equipment identifier, such as a vehicle ID, license plate number, or driver phone number. 

We retrieve and ingest relevant data from carriers and other sources. Using proprietary data science techniques we cleanse and normalize the data and develop actionable insights, including ETAs and carrier/lane performance. 

We provide real-time visibility for all your inventory in transit, connecting shipments across modes to orders with SKU-level granularity. Whether you prefer our intuitive interface or integrating visibility data into your system, we have a solution designed for you. 

OTR by the numbers 


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managed annually 

Movement Visibility

Over-the-Road Visibility in Movement 


Intelligent planning with predictive ETAs 

Our world class ETAs factor multiple data points, including schedules, seasonality, driver behavior, and more to deliver unmatched late detection accuracy that power proactive exception management and better facility volume planning. 

Intelligent planning with predictive ETAs 

Stay ahead with automation 

Let Movement handle previously manual tasks like sharing status updates with downstream parties and identifying exceptions so you can focus on what matters. 

Stay ahead with automation 

Order-level information for streamlined workflows 

We connect your shipments and orders so your team members can easily find the information they need about inventory in motion by the reference that matters most to them, including PO, SO, STO, BOL, and more. 

Order-level information for streamlined workflows 

Actionable insights for smarter decision-making 

Identify and solve issues faster and make smarter decisions with historical and real-time tracking and performance insights about every carrier and lane in your network. 

Actionable insights for smarter decision-making 

Cutting-edge data science for unmatched accuracy

Our patented machine learning-powered solutions improve trackability, minimize errors, and give you visibility you can trust.

Cutting-edge data science for unmatched accuracy

Intermodal transportation is a great way to control shipping costs and make progress on sustainability goals, but if you’re not working directly with rail or short sea carriers, you typically can’t access status data. Extended Truckload Visibility from project44 allows us to create a single shipment and stay connected during the entire journey with real-time shipment status information. 

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Brenntag Essentials

Advanced capabilities

Extended Truckload Visibility 

Gain complete visibility for your full truckload shipments, even intermodal shipments moving between truckload, rail, and short sea. 

Extended Truckload Visibility 

Less-than-Truckload Visibility 

project44 is connected to over 99% of North American LTL capacity and growing coverage fast in Europe to deliver unmatched visibility for LTL and Volume LTL shipments.

Less-than-Truckload Visibility 

Parcel Visibility 

With pre-built integrations to more than 99% of the global parcel capacity, get unmatched visibility for all your parcel shipments.

Parcel Visibility 

Yard Management

Eliminate manual processes from the yard entirely with project44’s real-time data and workflow automation, and unified supply chain processes that streamline pre-arrival, gate, dock, and yard stages. 

Rating & Booking

Manage pre-transit tasks effortlessly with Rating and Booking. Get instant rates from carriers, benchmark their performance against market rates, and select the best route for your shipment. 


Streamline your supply chain document management. It’s easy to upload, retrieve and share essential documents such as BOLs and PODs, for more efficient collaboration between your team, suppliers and carriers.   

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