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Limit costly air expedites

Premium transportation and last-minute freight assignments are costly. Instead of spending millions to expedite automotive parts, use dynamic lead times and predictive ETAs to forecast and plan shipping schedules.

Avoid unexpected stock outs

Carrier lead-times are often inaccurate, and you can’t rely on bad data when customer satisfaction is on the line. Increase lead time accuracy and meet the commits and SLAs that keep your customers happy. 

Lower detention & demurrage fees

Detention and demurrage costs can add up quickly, but with real-time data and visibility, you can make proactive decisions that help you cut costs and optimize your operations. 

Reduce excess safety stock 

Leverage historical analytics in real-time conditions to adjust purchasing cycles and reduce the need for excess safety stock and increase cash on hand.


The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize how unprepared we were and how volatile our supply chain network is. project44’s Movement platform will allow us to not only make such adjustments to the supply chain for better control through their end-to-end visibility, but also measurably show our global approach to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

Mr. Masato Yokoyama
Deputy General Manager of Supply Chain Strategy
and Projects Department

Use Cases

Track your shipment’s complete journey from raw material to the manufacturing plant

Dynamic ETAs

Proactively identify shipment delays with dynamic ETAs

Related orders

View all related orders for impacted inventory

Early detection

Minimize production downtime with early detection of expedite needs

Vehicle headlights

Integrate with mission critical systems



Gain real-time visibility into every mode: Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail, Air, Barge, Ocean, and Last Mile — including visibility into RoRo shipments. 

Appointment Management

Proactively re-assign dock space to lessen wait and load times with accurate, integrated multimodal ETAs to increase shipment velocity at the yard. 


Measure your supply chain carbon footprint with easy-to-use dashboards populated with GLEC-accredited emissions data at the shipment, carrier, and regional level. 

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